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What You Get with Our Centralized Applicant Tracking Software

applicant tracking software

Hiring could be a real deal-breaker for organizations on a mass recruitment spree. The problem with traditional manual hiring is the extra-long hiring timeline. Posting about open positions on various job portals, inviting candidates over emails, collecting resumes, scheduling interviews, etc., make for a long routine to hiring every recruit.

This is where automated applicant tracking software comes into the picture. The perks it can bring to your organization are numerous. And that’s exactly what we are here to discuss.

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Let’s start!

1. Posts Openings on Multiple Job Portals

Organizations spend a huge amount of their hiring budget on subscriptions to job portals, like LinkedIn, to ensure that they bring in the best candidates. Hiring through such job boards may be easy, though it can become a time-consuming and expensive affair.

2. Streamlines Recruitment

Most small-scale businesses and startups recruit for multiple positions at once. This process can be a little chaotic without good applicant tracking software. An ATS makes managing the hiring process end to end on a centralized platform. This means you don’t waste time populating and tracking multiple spreadsheets to gather candidate information.

3. Automates Mundane Tasks

The advantages of applicant tracking software include letting you focus more on tasks that need your attention instead of spending manual resources on repetitive and mundane tasks. In addition, our ATS can save half your time by automating these repetitive tasks. While doing so, the recruitment processes become faster and more efficient.

4. Builds Your Employer Brand

Irrespective of whether you are hiring the candidate or not, it is important to provide them with a good experience during the interaction with your organization regarding the job opening. With an applicant tracking system, you can offer your candidates a great interview experience at every stage of their interview process.

5. Creates a Talent Database

Job portals give you access to a great selection of candidates who may be suitable for open roles. However, in this case, one of the best recruiting sources is often not considered, which is the talent pool. While sourcing candidates, you might encounter some exceptional applicants who are not a good fit right at that point in time. In this case, saving their information in a pool for future openings is good.

6. Promotes Easy Collaboration

ATS reduces the chaos that comes with recruiting for multiple positions and teams. It allows you to add the respective hiring managers to every candidate’s profile and get the recruitment team to collaborate on a single platform.

7. Helps Pick the Right Candidates

Every open position receives more applications than what your HRs can handle. So, screening of these applications needs to be thorough and quick so that you don’t lose candidates to your competitors and peers. Instead of sacrificing one for the other, a good ATS lets you be quick and thorough while hiring candidates.

8. Reduces Cost-per-hire

You can reduce the overall cost of your hires with. This happens since it impacts multiple aspects of the employee lifecycle in the organization.

ATS reduces the cost of attracting the perfect candidates with the integration of multiple job portals. It also analyzes which channel yields the best candidates. This means you can streamline your spending areas and get better returns on your investments.

Finishing Up

When it comes to making the best use of technology and automation in recruitment, there aren’t many that can compare with Mind Recruitment, our offering in the applicant tracking system space. So, isn’t it time to take a free demo of our product to check if it suits your needs?

Go ahead, get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help you with the digital transformation, be it workforce management software, or any other solutions!

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