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Assure high-quality CX at every touchpoint with Mind QA software.

Mind QA

Call Center Quality Assurance Software - Improve Customer Satisfaction and Conversion with Mind QA

Customer experience plays an important role in modern business success. Therefore, it is essential to deliver your customers a positive customer experience at every touchpoint. The best way to achieve this is by maintaining a high communication standard. However, with a call center processing millions of interactions, it is nearly impossible for the quality team to audit each call to see if the critical quality parameters have been met. Also, with such a high call volume to be audited, the feedback gets too delayed to be effective. To avoid the negative circumstances and to speed up the process, businesses look for a proper quality assurance software. This has given rise to the demand for call center quality management software. Therefore, businesses need a proper quality assurance software to speed up the process.

Our Mind QA, a contact center quality management software combines voice-to-text and speech analytics with machine learning to better understand your customers and measure your support efforts. With Mind QA, it is possible to analyze 100% of the conversations between customers and agents, gain valuable insights.

Our call center quality assurance software comes with Voice3D technology that allows you to analyze speech content, unique vectorization, acoustic, contextual analysis of the silent period, music, etc.


An Excellent Contact Center Quality Management Software to Improve Customer Experience

Our Mind QA software can analyse 100% of customer-agent communication. With 100% audited calls, you can get better insights on the scopes of improvement in your process and agent behaviors. These insights, when implemented, can significantly improve customer experience.Would you like to enjoy high customer retention? Our call center quality management software will be the best solution to all your concerns.

Key features of our Mind QA solution

Some of the Key features of our call center quality assurance software are as follows:

Direct-at Risk customers & conversations can be identified via 50+ built-insights for poor practices Improvement direction for each stakeholder, including- front-line agents, supervisors, department heads and leadership Customer Experience assessment, customer emotion index, sentiment analysis, and pain points driving low CSAT/NPS Feedback from multiple channels - Voice Conversations, Social Media (Twitter, Facebook), Emails (if required)

Process improvement with our Call Center Quality Assurance Software

With the Mind QA tool, it is possible to monitor agent behavior in each conversation. The agent policing and delivery assessment feature of our quality assurance software allows you to find agent and delivery poor practices and correct them quickly to deliver a better experience at each interaction. The insight acquired using Mind QA can be used to improve the overall process and align it with customer expectations.

Promoting Self-Learning Among Agents

The self-learning and automated coaching feature of our quality assurance software allow agents to continuously improve and interact in line with your company and its regulatory requirements. It results in improved agent performance, an increased number of first contact resolution and a better customer experience. For performance optimization, contact center quality assurance software is thus always the best choice.

Benefits of Mind QA solution

Call center quality management software is always worth to invest when you are concerned about your call center success and customer engagement. There are a host of benefits of implementing Mind QA quality assurance software to your call centre process. These include:

Significant reduction in AHT

Mind QA easily handles customer service requests and resolves them efficiently in no time.

Faster auditing

The contact center quality assurance software reduces the Quality Audit time with its automation features, leading to a reduction in QA FTE.

Better employee benefits

Mind QA offers more self-coaching opportunities, turning the employees efficient in increasing the first call resolutions.


Increase in Customer satisfaction and conversions

Our call center quality management software is noted for improving the customer satisfaction rate and building conversions.

Enhance accuracy

Mind QA brings better insight into the process, thus eliminating all the poor practices of the business.

Cost effectiveness

By automating the quality process, Mind QA eliminates all the extra expenses that are required to build an efficient quality team.

Better employee performance

Improved direction for all stakeholders to improve the overall process.

Industries We Serve

Mind Quality Assurance Software Serves Many Industries



MIND QA has helped many clients from IT/ITES industries. The contact center quality assurance software streamlines their Quality Assurance / Quality Management and related operations and boost their efficiency.



Many retail and e-commerce companies looking for a quality assurance software to improve their customer interaction have found MIND QA suitable for eliminating poor practices from their customer service.


Travel and Hospitality

Mind QA can also be an excellent quality assurance software for travel and hospitality business looking to improve their customer experience by eliminating poor practices.



Our Mind QA tool can be an excellent automated Quality management software for healthcare companies. Many of our healthcare clients have already benefited from implementing it to their call centers.



MIND QA is an excellent solution for utility businesses looking for improving their customer experience. The call center quality assurance software has already helped a number of our utility clients improve their customer service operations.



With our Mind QA tool, our BFSI clients have been able to streamline their customer interaction and deliver a better customer experience while ensuring cost efficiency.