Mind QA

Assure high-quality CX at every touchpoint with Mind QA software.

Mind QA

Improve Customer Satisfaction with 100% Quality Assurance Tools

Delivering a positive customer experience through a fool-proof QA process is essential at every touchpoint. You can now gain control over your quality assurance, customer satisfaction and agent training with our digital automation tool for call centers. Our automated call center quality assurance software will save you a chunk of your process investment while improving the overall effectiveness of your CSAT efforts.

It incorporates sophisticated technologies, including text-to-speech, natural language processing, sentiment analysis, etc., to convert customer service calls to text form before analyzing it for quality using your preset keywords. Our call center quality assurance software allows contact centers to analyze speech content, implement contextual analysis for the silent period, music, etc., to improve the performance of your CX parameters.


Boost Your Contact Center Quality Standards with Automated QA

Our Mind QA software can audit 100% of customer service communication, giving you the scope of improvement with insights on agent quality and consumer behavior. Improve your CX and boost your customer retention.

What You Get with Call Center Quality Automation

100% Call Audits

Our call center quality assurance software uses Voice3D speech-to-text engine that converts all very call into text format before analyzing them for quality, compliance, and consumer behavior trends.

Agent Performance Reports

With the QA software for call centers, you can measure agent performance and customer satisfaction analyzed based on various quality parameters for voice process. You can use the insights to improve the overall performance and align it with your customer expectations.

Promote Employee Self-learning

Help your agents improve their performance with self-learning and coaching with our call center quality assurance software.

Why Choose Mind QA

Our QA software for contact centers brings much more than just automated audits for QA in call centers. We put technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to use to bring you

Faster auditing

Reduce your QA time with the integration of our automated quality assurance tool

Significant reduction in AHT

Boost your CX with a significant drop in your average handling time

Better Feedback Process

Our quality assurance software creates reports on agent quality and sets up feedback to improve performance


Boost in CX and Conversions

Enhance CX and conversion rate by targeting call center KPI insights

100% Call Audits

Audit 100% of the calls without a miss for maximum quality and compliance adherence

Cost Drop

Reduce overhead expenses by automating human efforts in quality assurance

Industries We Serve

Mind Quality Assurance Software Serves Many Industries



MIND QA has helped many clients from IT/ITES industries. The contact center quality assurance software streamlines their Quality Assurance / Quality Management and related operations and boost their efficiency.



Many retail and e-commerce companies looking for a quality assurance software to improve their customer interaction have found MIND QA suitable for eliminating poor practices from their customer service.


Travel and Hospitality

Mind QA can also be an excellent quality assurance software for travel and hospitality business looking to improve their customer experience by eliminating poor practices.



Our Mind QA tool can be an excellent automated Quality management software for healthcare companies. Many of our healthcare clients have already benefited from implementing it to their call centers.



MIND QA is an excellent solution for utility businesses looking for improving their customer experience. The call center quality assurance software has already helped a number of our utility clients improve their customer service operations.



With our Mind QA tool, our BFSI clients have been able to streamline their customer interaction and deliver a better customer experience while ensuring cost efficiency.