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Eliminate Operational Inefficiencies with Our Workforce Management Software

Mind Workplace

A Workforce Management Software to Manage Daily Operational Challenges

Managing your employees well is the only way for organizations to excel in this era of cut-throat competition. An all-inclusive workforce management software is a crucial addition for a fool-proof business strategy. Our holistic workforce management solution can help you manage your workforce and improve productivity, efficiency, and performance significantly.

Mind Workplace is a fluid workforce management software that streamlines and simplifies every aspect of employee management. It provides you with detailed insights into your employee productivity, attendance, learning management, which lets you focus on your employees throughout their life cycle. MWP has been awarded the 'Most Impactful System Award' by Global Workforce Management Forum (GWFM) in 2020 for demonstrating maturity in adoption and design that results in creating value for the business. Our workforce management software adds quality and efficacy of your employee management.


Mind Workplace to revolutionize workforce efficiency

We ensure clients make SMART decisions by managing the workforce and gaining better employee insights.

Mind Workplace Products

Mind Recruitment

Focus on delivering quality and building culture while managing new recruits with end-to-end requisition and recruitment management. Our MWP workforce management software is a powerful and flexible employee management system that structures and streamlines employee onboarding solutions. 

Mind Payroll

Don’t let your payroll processing be a time-consuming affair anymore, incorporate automation with our Mind Workplace workforce management software. Ensure accurate and error-free payroll calculations with zero human efforts; try the Mind Payroll module for your organization.

Mind LMS

Focus on employee training and development to boost your business outcome and enhance your team’s performance. Mind Workplace’s learning management system allows you to accelerate your business growth with high-impact training and beyond for all your employees.

Mind Efficiency

Mind Efficiency can boost employee efficiency and performance by tracking and leveraging real-time employee data and identifying performance gaps. It helps your management make data-driven decisions regarding your employees and boost your business output to a never before level.

Mind Community

With the state-of-art Mind Community module from Mind Workplace, you can enhance your employee engagement. Boost your employee morale and minimize employee burnout and attrition by engaging them through timely feedback, surveys, automated mood tracking and more. Try MWP!

Mind Insight

Mind Insight is a new-age human resource reporting and analytics tool within our workforce management software to help small and medium-sized enterprises take data-driven decisions. Your C-level management can make use of error-free real-time reports with minimum human intervention.

Mind People

Mind People lets enterprises boost their HR team’s efficiency through automation of repetitive tasks with an automated software. The module facilitates progression, e-separation and allows your human resources department to take actions around your employees very quickly and accurately.

Optimize Your Workforce Performance with Omind Technologies’ Workforce Management Software for Companies

Omind Technologies’ Mind Workplace workforce management software works beyond employee management and performance evaluation. Our software offers multiple modules catering to various departments. Our premier features include people management, staff scheduling, time tracking, payroll processing, compliance and analytics.

Time and leaves tracking

Monitor your employee attendance with the convenient time tracking feature of our MWP workforce management solution

  • Effortless and error-free tracking: Our Mind Workplace employee management software brings 100% accuracy in tracking the attendance of the individual staff.

  • Eliminate manual inputs: Eliminates the manual efforts of data input with our MWP tool. Our solution automates time tracking for your employees in real-time.

  • Less time consumption: Our workforce management software can save you long manhours for every HR representative involved in the human resource management.

Staff scheduling

Reduce your labor with the staff scheduling module of our comprehensive Mind Workplace software solution

  • Automate staff scheduling: Automates the scheduling procedure by assigning tasks to the appropriate individuals. MWP helps maintain a proper workflow within your organization.

  • Lower down the labor cost: The staff scheduling feature of the workforce management software helps to lower down the labor costs. Stay in budget with MWP.


Eliminate compliance risks with our workforce management solution

  • Minimizes compliance issues: Minimize your compliance issues by automating work and pay rule governance.

  • Automates workflows: The compliance feature of our Mind Workplace software lets you enjoy seamless workflow by administering company policies.

Reporting and analytics

Accelerate productivity with holistic reporting and analytics feature of our employee management software

  • Analyze efficiency: Mind Workplace gives you the flexibility to analyze work hours, absenteeism, overtime, labor costs, and so on. Add a clear outlook about employee efficiency and productivity with MWP.

  • Create real-time reports: Generate real-time reports to enhance your decision-making capabilities on your resource management.

  • Customized dashboards: The customized dashboard of our MWP workforce management software lets organizations access all employee data instantly.

Mind Workplace, the All-in-one Workforce Management Software for Businesses

Stay ahead in your competition with Omind Technologies’ Mind Workplace software solution. Bring your entire employee management under one roof with a comprehensive solution that brings human resource and workforce management together. Integrate automation and 100% accuracy with MWP. Know more about us today! Get in touch to take a free trial.

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