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Workforce Management Software - Manage People, Time, and Operations

Our workforce management software can help organizations excel in a competitive market. The holistic employee management system manages your workforce and improves productivity and performance.Mind Workplace is an all-in-one WFM solution that unifies multiple departments of your company. Our WFM software includes

  • Recruitment
  • Payroll
  • Efficiency Tracking
  • Learning Management
  • Employee Progression

Get detailed insights into your employee productivity, attendance, and leave management in real time. Automate time and attendance data collection though a secure employee log-in and connect the same with payroll. The data collection and processing reduce manual efforts and the chances of human errors.MWP won the 'Most Impactful System Award' by Global Workforce Management Forum (GWFM) in 2020. It demonstrates how much our clients have benefitted from our digital transformation solutions.Want to know more? Feel free to drop in your query to get a demo!

Mind Workplace to revolutionize workforce efficiency

Best workforce management software for efficient employee life cycle management, and data-driven workforce planning and decisions.

Workforce Management Software Features

Mind Recruitment

Focus on delivering quality and building culture while managing new recruits with end-to-end requisition and recruitment management. Our MWP workforce management software is a powerful and flexible employee management system that structures and streamlines employee onboarding solutions. 

Mind Payroll

Don’t let your payroll processing be a time-consuming affair anymore, incorporate automation with our Mind Workplace workforce management software. Ensure accurate and error-free payroll calculations with zero human efforts; try the Mind Payroll module for your organization.

Mind Efficiency

Mind Efficiency can boost employee efficiency and performance by tracking and leveraging real-time employee data and identifying performance gaps. It helps your management make data-driven decisions regarding your employees and boost your business output to a never before level.

Mind LMS

Focus on employee training and development to boost your business outcome and enhance your team’s performance. Mind Workplace’s learning management system allows you to accelerate your business growth with high-impact training and beyond for all your employees.

Mind Insight

Mind Insight is a new-age human resource reporting and analytics tool within our workforce management software to help small and medium-sized enterprises take data-driven decisions. Your C-level management can make use of error-free real-time reports with minimum human intervention.

Mind People

Mind People lets enterprises boost their HR team’s efficiency through automation of repetitive tasks with an automated software. The module facilitates progression, e-separation and allows your human resources department to take actions around your employees very quickly and accurately.

Optimize Your Employee Journey with a Comprehensive Workforce Management Software

Our WFM software can handle complex business challenges and offer effective results for your organization. Mind Workplace manages talents, time, finance, productivity and culture with more efficiency and flexibility.

Time & Leaves Tracking

Monitor employee attendance and time with the time-tracking features of our WFM software. You can view employee time sheets and attendance in real-time, offering better visibility. Enable paperless employee management and reduce manual inputs with automation. Get 100% accuracy at zero manual efforts with our workforce management software.

Compliance & Transparency

Reduce compliance risks with our WFM solution and ensure transparency at every step and track past activities. The tool can minimize compliance issues by automating work and pay rule governance. It adheres to company policies and brings in diverse reporting capabilities and analytics. The tool has responsive dashboards to offer complete transparency.

Staff Scheduling

Enhance your staff scheduling with less effort and resources with our WFM software. It performs the critical task of workforce scheduling to forecast timely availability of resources. Handle staff scheduling and availability with automation within your organization. Our WFM solution's employee scheduling features reduce expenses and increase operational efficiency.

Reporting & Analytics

Accelerate productivity with holistic reporting and analytics feature of our WFM software. Mind Workplace can analyze work hours, absenteeism, overtime, labor costs, performance, and more. The customer reporting feature captures important attributes of employee lifecycle. It generates real-time reports, analyzes large volumes of data and facilitates decision-making.

Manage and Map the Entire Employee Lifecycle and Skill Inventory with Mind Workplace

Bring HR and operations together to ace the workforce challenges with our WFM solution. Manage the entire employee lifecycle and design a memorable employee experience.

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