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Gain better insights with coherent analytical data.

Mind Insights

HR Reporting and Analytics Software - Instant report generations for more strategic and proactive decisions

Are you struggling with random figures and calculations? Mind Insight software gives you the scope to generate real-time reports on employee performance and analyze the data without any extra effort. From monitoring employee performance to analyzing their quality, HR reporting and analytics software help your managers in bringing accurate data-driven decisions. Use the automated solution to avoid the manual errors generated due to last-minute calculation, thus simplifying the HR process to a wide extent. Say yes to our employee analytics software and improve your team performance and effectiveness.


Know more about your Mind Insight software perks

Mind Insights take no time to build instant reports on individual employee performance. From improving productivity to optimizing workflow, the software performs additional quality checking for the sake of generating better results. Check out the great perks associated with this.

Quality decisions for better business operations

We enable brands to make quality decisions that fit the business requirements. Using our Mind Insight software, your leaders can easily fetch the performance chart of their team members and make more strategic decisions using the right data. Even the decision-makers can access the right data to optimize business operations by introducing the appropriate talents for the proper purpose.

Access your reports at your fingertips

Omind’s employee analytics software simplifies the HR manager jobs that involve developing the employee performance reports with accurate data. The tool provides immediate access to automated reports, helping your managers to generate data at their fingertips.

Save time, save money

Earlier, HR managers used to spend enough time generating accurate reports on employee performance. With Mind Insight software, you can avoid wasting your time on creating insightful reports and high employee turnover. The automated reports are easy to fetch and easy to read whenever required.

Easy productivity optimizations

Optimizing workforce productivity is much easier with Omind’s advanced analytical report generating software. Our advanced package comes up with custom fields so that you can gain a better understanding of your employee performance and make better decisions in no time. For tailoring your business needs, we are always there to serve you.

What do we have in our Mind Insight Software?

Our employee analytics software is well-curated for businesses across different verticals looking for a platform to dive into their workforce performance and capabilities. It comes up with a plethora of features we have mentioned below.

Performance & Productivity Report

Deriving high employee performance and determining their strong productivity levels are no longer challenging with this amazing Mind Insight module. You can simply customize the fields required to analyze your team performance based on certain metrics and use the automated report generation option to get instant access to sensitive data.


Employee Quality Analysis (QA)

The employee quality analysis (QA) module enables managers to understand the quality of work delivered by the team members. Constant feedback generation from managers, supervisors, and peers for a particular campaign gives a clear view of individual performance, making it easier for the leaders to maximize productivity.

Industries We Serve

Find the industries where Mind Insight serves the best.



IT/ITES customers use this software solution to get a clear perspective on their call center agents’ performance and productivity, definitely the best way to gain better agent’s insights.



Our retail clients take no time to leverage the Mind Insight tool for gaining better understanding on their employees' capabilities and areas of optimization.



Manufacturing customers use this software to ensure their field workers perform better and deliver quality results without errors. Our software works on this vertical for better QA analysis for the manufacturing brand.



The Healthcare industry is choosing this software module to bring effectiveness and quality productivity to their work process. For them, maintaining quality throughout the healthcare service is pivotal.



Utility service providers are reaching out to Omind for this QA software product so that they can maintain quality work throughout their business operations and improve customer satisfaction.



Banking and financial institutions are leveraging Omind’s analytics software to analyze employees' day-to-day activity and individual productiveness by measuring the key metrics.