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Integrate Multichannel Customer Communication with Our Automated FAQ System.

Mind FAQ

Improve Customer Experience with Mind FAQ Software

Omind Technologies is FAQ software provider and it is designed to transform customer service as we know it. An automated FAQ software based on Microsoft Azure platform, Mind Frequently Asked Question software is an easy-to-use comprehensive Question Answer base software provider. It unlocks human bottlenecks that hold your business back by providing expertise instantly in a consistent, actionable and scalable form. MIND FAQ scales your business by reducing the effort of your workforce through AI and ML-based query handling.

Customers today expect the brands to value their time. So, when they contact a brand with a query, they expect an immediate answer and not be put on hold as the agent searches for the answer. A long on-hold time can lead to a poor customer experience, which is bad news for any business.

Therefore, brands need a FAQ software provider to reduce agent effort to find the right answer. Our FAQ tool provider perfectly caters to the need. MIND FAQ handles conversation by using simple or complex strings of text, images, and or action buttons.


Transforming Customer Service with Mind FAQ Software

With Mind FAQ, it is easy to deliver superior customer service without increasing agent effort. As a FAQ tool provider, Omind Tech’s automated FAQ software is designed to analyze human sentiment and provide timely and accurate solutions to the agents using advanced Natural Language processing, ensuring a better customer experience. MIND FAQ collects, analyzes and provides accurate data from multiple sources at once to increase efficiency and improve current processes.

How Does Mind FAQ Software Work?

MIND FAQ is a conversational client application, which finds the most appropriate answer through a natural conversational layer created over service dependent data using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) models. With the FAQ software provider, it is possible to incorporate various modules, documents, and articles to provide agents with appropriate reference materials for prompt customer service. These materials help the agents quickly find the relevant answers in just one reference point, reducing the time for searching for answers.

If a new query starts cropping up frequently, Mind FAQ software will notify you about the requirement of agent training on the subject and help you understand the effectiveness of the said training.

Features of Mind FAQ Tool

  • MIND FAQ software can be accessed via voice or text to search question bank.
  • MIND FAQ software can predict customer queries through machine learning by analyzing data repository to provide relevant topics and messages.
  • MIND FAQ tool simplify complex decision making quickly and proficiently.
  • The knowledgebase management software fosters learning and development by providing agents with suitable material at the right time.

Reducing Agent Effort with Mind FAQ Tool

Our automated Mind FAQ tool is designed to reduce Agent effort during a customer interaction by providing them relevant answers in real-time. The frequently asked questions management software uses SEO principles to find relevant answers for the agents. An agent has to simply provide the key phrase to find the most relevant answers related to the phrase, which minimizes their effort of finding the correct answer and positively impacts the AHT.

Natural language processing-enabled MIND FAQ software assists in the interpretation of the content and provides enhanced data to clients in an intrigued and engaging way.

The FAQ software can also be customized to feature quick links to some of the most sought-after answers of a given period right in the dashboard, which further reduces the agent’s effort to resolve standard queries and issues.

Benefits of Mind FAQ Tool

MIND FAQ minimizes wait time in service delivery, improves resource efficiency, simplifies and fast-tracks query responses without compromising quality. There are several benefits of implementing the Mind FAQ tool to your existing BPO process. The tool:

Cost savings through automated and regulated query handling.

Conversational interface

Understands deep insights into customers’ sentiments

Manage Human Resources Efficiently.


Reduces on-hold time

Reduces AHT by providing the agents with the suitable material at the right time through automation.

Boosts Customer experience and customer satisfaction

Reduces agent effort

Industries We Serve

MIND Frequently Asked Question tool Serves Many Industries



MIND Frequently Asked Question tool has helped many clients from IT/ITES industries promptly provide answers to common queries and issues while improving their customer satisfaction.



Several retail and e-commerce companies looking to improve their customer experience have found MIND Frequently Asked Question software suitable for reducing agent effort and improving process efficiency.


Travel and Hospitality

Omind’s FAQ software provider can also be an excellent automated FAQ tool for travel and hospitality businesses looking for a way to promptly answer customer queries, reduce AHT and deliver a superior customer experience.



Our Mind FAQ tool can be an excellent automated FAQ software to help healthcare call center agents find the correct answer to the patient and member queries in real-time. Many of our healthcare clients have already benefited from the tool.



MIND FAQ tool is an excellent solution for utility businesses that want to improve their customer experience. It has already helped many of our utility clients improve their customer service operations by reducing the AHT.



Our BFSI clients can promptly provide the correct answer to their customers with our Mind FAQ tool, reduce the AHT and deliver a better customer experience.