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Go paperless and maximize HR efficiency using advanced core HR software.

HR managers need to pay attention to tons of workload – managing the workforce, keeping track of every employee detail, boosting employee job roles and responsibilities, providing immediate tech support, and helping them out with a simple yet effective offboarding function. At Omind, you get the scope to upgrade your HR team’s efficiency by automating the routine and mundane tasks with the digitally-enabled People HR software. Our core HR software is well-designed to assist the managers in their complex to complicated work, thus making it easier for them to stay more focused on other core activities. Go Omind, go paperless!


Know more about your Mind People software perks

Omind's core HR software is pretty well-developed to streamline complex and routine business operations and overcome the challenges that often create major roadblocks. Our software undoubtedly has numerous advantages that make the tool different from others.

Hassle-free HR functions

Organizations from different verticals can leverage our tool to perform HR functions without any hassle. Our automated HR solutions help the managers deal with the tiring administrative tasks, solve employee issues and grievances, build the organizational structure, and simplify the e-separation and progression procedures.

Easy to upgrade your HR efficiency

Improving your team’s efficiency is convenient with this AI-driven software solution. As the tool automates the entire HR core activities and turns the HR operations paperless, professionals can efficiently handle sensitive data and generate higher productivity levels without failure. Choosing Mind People is indeed one of the significant investments if you are expecting excellent efficiency and performance from your team members.

More focus on business competencies

While the software uses automated features to streamline the HR processes, the managers can put their attention on other core activities that lead to high business competencies. Omind's software solution never disappoints the team while they are busy cultivating insightful data and making business-related decisions.

Accurate employee data at your fingertips

Omind’s robust People HR software takes no time in generating accurate data related to the workforce. It comes up with a comprehensive dashboard that securely stores employee details and enables the managers to fetch them whenever it is needed. Accurate and immediate access to employee data is the USP of our software.

What do we have in our Mind People Software?

Mind People software is an enhanced HR solution provider that triggers smooth HR workflow with the use of amazing features. From improving HR functionalities to organizing employee data and hierarchies, it has a lot to do in favor of the business concerned.

Team Management

Managing your team involves scheduling the staff, handling employee requests, working on individual queries, monitoring assets, and analyzing day-to-day performance. Undoubtedly, these require a lot of time and effort if performed manually. With our team management module, you can actually reduce time consumption, eliminate manual risks, and eliminate all the unwanted headaches generating better business experiences.

Organization Structure

Getting aware of the organization structure and the hierarchical changes is no longer difficult when you are choosing Omind’s people software. The tool enables the organizations to showcase a clear outlook about the leaders by portraying their designation, location, and photo. Easy recognition of the organization hierarchy is possible only with this module.

Helpdesk & Tech Support

Omind’s People HR software adds flexibility in supporting your employees by solving their issues individually without creating any delay. The module ensures raising tickets, escalating the issues, and generating quick responses to the queries asked by the staff. Timely addressing queries and improving employee satisfaction are easier with this helpdesk system.


People Directory

People Directory module takes care of the entire workforce and their individual details. It comes up with an enhanced database that contains employee name, designation, photograph, location, job role, contact number, email address, company ID, interests, and abilities. You can opt for this software feature if you want to connect with your team members without any delay.

Employee Progression

The employee progression module is integrated into the system so that organizations can enjoy a better internal hiring experience. From sharing internal job posts to viewing the already applied jobs, the tool helps the employees to find the right talent and upgrade their designation within the workplace. Use the tool for providing job advancement without any headache and promote employee growth.


Our e-separation module eases out the manual efforts required during the offboarding process. From raising resignation requests to setting reminders and mitigating compliance concerns, you can choose this tool to simplify the offboarding activities. Stop using traditional paperwork and start facilitating the offboarding journey with Omind's e-separation software.

Policies & Documents

This module adds convenience in making the workforce, especially the new hires, aware of the company policies and regulations. From updating the policies to sharing the guidelines, you can leverage this tool to offer a clear insight into your business process. This helps improve the work morale and create a positive work culture all around.

Industries We Serve

Find the industries where Mind People serves the best.



IT/ITES customers choose people HR software to manage their growing workforce and optimize the challenging HR functions for better business productivity.



Our retail customers prefer Omind’s core HR tool to monitor the assets, manage their effectiveness, and share the organization's hierarchies with the workforce.



The manufacturing industry leaves no stone unturned to choose our people software over manual operations so that they can build a great employee morale and a positive work environment.



Healthcare customers share their company policies and regulations with their workforce and clients by utilizing our smart Mind People software tool.



Utility brands feel great to streamline their HR functions using the best people management software. They ensure boosting their employee experience with this optimum solution.



Banking and finance institutions are voting for our core HR software to perform multiple activities in no time. They use this to improve their time effectiveness and efficiency.