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A Practical Discussion of Chatbot Software

Interactions with automated bots jumped to a whopping 81% compared to talking to customer service representatives. People have started using a chatbot, from checking out their illness symptoms to finding the perfect lipstick color. A chatbot can enable businesses to add an extra layer of automation to allow self-service while maintaining a friendly and familiar way.

Brands have started adding messaging channels to offer faster resolution and always-on support. As a result, AI chatbot software has quickly become a vital component of any messaging strategy. Bots ensure that customers get instant responses when an agent is busy helping other customers or attending training or feedback sessions.

How Does Chatbot Software Work?

Chatbots are developed with pre-defined conversation flow, natural language processing, and machine learning to interpret and process customer requests.

  • Chatbot software can work alongside a knowledge base.
  • Since most customers consider a quick resolution to their problems using the online resources that the brand provides. Chatbots can recommend the right help center article, answer common questions outside the help center, etc.

  • Chatbots can deliver personalized responses with access to business and customer data.
  • This can automate cross-selling and up-selling activities. In addition, bots can give customers an alternative for any specific product or service based on their preferences and browsing history.

  • Chatbots can help customers in their buying decisions through conversations.
  • This includes comparisons between multiple products/services, historical prices, reviews, etc. All of these parameters can make the buying processes easier for the customers and increase the chances of conversion.

  • Chatbots can help customers make purchases.
  • Customers look for convenience, and that’s what AI chatbots want to achieve. As a result, whatsApp marketing has become extremely popular among startup ecommerce brands. Customers can pull out product lists and prices, enter shipping addresses, make payments, and complete the purchase.

So, in a way, chatbots don’t just open up avenues for brands to enhance their customer service and support; they also help increase sales figures as well.

How Can You Integrate Chatbot Software for Conversational Marketing?

New Lead Generation Channel
Lead generation is a diverse plan for marketing businesses of any scale. So, adding a new lead generation channel can go a long way in churning out good leads. Chat windows on websites, applications, and other communication lines can help you automatically capture customer interest.

Lead Nurturing
Chatbots can help gather customer information without any human intervention. Such information isn’t necessarily about contact details but also preferences, behavior, etc. These are crucial for lead nurturing and shaping the approach brands should have to convert such inquiries into sales.

Schedule Meetings
Chatbots come in handy in scheduling meetings with prospective customers and half-baked inquiries. When combined with certain external or internally developed calendar plugins, chatbots can help convert enquires into meetings to ensure a higher conversion rate.

Personalize User Experience
Around 71% of users across the internet love a personalized feel to the ads they come across. With the best chatbot software, it is easy to offer a personalized approach to your target audience with machine learning and natural language processing. Such tech stack can read and copy user data that would be impossible to capture manually, such as preferences, behavioral patterns, etc.

Summing Up

Undoubtedly, AI-powered chatbot software can make a huge difference in UX, lead generation, sales conversion, and customer satisfaction. However, not all chatbots are meant for all businesses; the features they are stacked with are important considerations.

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