Extend Your Customer Interaction Channel for Maximum CSAT & Revenue with Our AI Chatbot Software.


Our MIND CHAT's human-like conversations powered by machine learning technologies

In the present age, customer communication is the crucial for business success. So, as a company, you must extend your reach by deploying AI chatbots across social media channels, voice assistants, SMS/MMS, and your website with our MIND CHAT solutions – an AI chatbot software & solutions provider.

Our MIND CHAT's human-like conversations powered by machine learning technologies ensure 24x7 business continuity through instant support to customers' inquiries. Mind Chat is designed and developed by Omind Tech and this AI chatbot software and solutions specialize in conversational artificial intelligence and interacts with a customized database of information via semantic search and dynamic FAQ systems and collects, analyses, and provides the right data to end-users. The chatbot solution reaches omnichannel to automate and delivers an enhanced customer experience while improving help desk efficiency.


A New Age Tool for Enhanced Customer Experience

As per recent studies, Artificial intelligence chatbot software & solutions have a high adoption rate and are known to have a positive impact on user experience with their real-time and prompt answers. MIND CHAT - our simple, easy-to-use real-time AI chatbot software and solutions use smart hints and tips to automate supports and help a user to reroute to the right department via smart IVR, leading to a seamless customer experience.

MIND CHAT - an AI Chatbot Software: How It Works

Our advanced AI chatbot software and solutions come with intelligent language understanding systems and machine learning capabilities that allow you to capture the intent and utterance and promote customer self-service. Customers today are tech-savvy and prefer self-service over call queues. They expect an instant response and fast issue resolution through their preferred channels. our chatbot solution is designed to answer service/product-related queries using existing structured or unstructured data. Your customers can type or talk, and MIND CHAT leverages NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand the intent and respond with appropriate answers.

Some of our MIND CHAT offerings include:

MIND Chat acts as your advanced virtual assistant to help you make smarter decisions.Apart from credentials verifications, MIND CHAT can help customers with simple transactions like data exchanges.Through MIND CHAT your business can minimize cost in a systematic manner and enable new ways to minimize risk by parsing messages across the platform.The chatbot solution can be customized to meet your specific needs like integrating chatbot to your website or other social media platforms.

MIND CHAT is a versatile AI chatbot software that enables you to offer an unified brand communication across all channels while providing the best assistance to your customers.

Enhancing Sales and Customer Service using Live Chatbot for Website and Social Media Platforms

A well-known Artificial Intelligence solutions provider from OMind Tech, MIND CHAT helps you comprehend your customer's choices and preferences and deliver quick, engaging, conversational, and lively customer service even without the help of a human agent. The Artificial Intelligence chatbot can provide your customers with an instant response using chatbot for social media platform and live chatbot for website. It helps you resolve regular customer queries and issues promptly.

At the same time, MIND CHAT, the Artificial Intelligence chatbot for website and social media platforms provider also allows you to automate repetitive sales tasks like providing customers with accurate information about a product or service, helping them compare products and services and assisting them throughout the purchasing process.

MIND CHAT Solution - Benefits

As MIND CHAT responses are based on user's intent, it can persuade the visitors to the right route and boosts brand face value and credibility. Businesses from various industry verticals can enjoy a wide range of benefits by implementing AI chatbot software & solutions like MIND CHAT. Some of the key benefits of such Artificial Intelligence solutions are:

An increase in customer interaction using omnichannel process

Prompt and efficient response to customer inquiries

24/7 quick and responsive digital support.

Reachout to new customers and Improve sales goals.


Widget-based search facilitates research on a product or service.

Reduced FTE

Freeing up agents to deal with the more complex queries

Industries We Serve



Many retail companies looking for AI chatbot software and solutions provider have found MIND Chat perfect for customer engagement and customer service.


Travel, Hospitality, and Transport

MIND Chat can also be an excellent customer engagement and customer self-service tool for travel, hospitality, and transport companies. These Artificial intelligence solutions work as a Chatbot for social media platform and a live chatbot for website provider.



MIND Chat has helped numerous startup clients streamline customer service and promptly address common customer issues and complaints without hiring more people. It's one of the cost-effective Artificial Intelligence Chatbot solutions for startups.



Mind Chat is a leading live chatbot for website provider. Our end-to-end AI chatbot software and solutions provider can be a great customer communication tool for all healthcare companies. Many of our healthcare clients have benefited from our Chatbot for social media platform and live chatbot for website.



MIND Chat is one of the best AI chatbot software and solutions provider for utility businesses looking to promptly respond to common customer queries like bill amount, due date, and units consumed. It has helped a number of our utility clients improve their customer experience.



Our BFSI clients have streamlined their customer communication with our MIND CHAT tool, provided better customer service, and improved CX.