Intelligent Platforms

Build your business efficiency and improve your business workflow using our intelligent platforms.

Intelligent Platforms

As more companies embark on a digital transformation journey

As more companies embark on a digital transformation journey, they adopt robotic process automation at a rapid pace to increase agility, diversity, and resilience, address extraordinary cost pressures, and support remote workforces. Studies show that in 2021 almost 50% of companies are planning to adopt Robotic Process automation solutions, whereas, by 2023, Intelligent Platforms will reach a near-universal adoption. So, adopting Automation is no longer a nice to have feature but an essential tool to make your business more agile, cost-effective, and up-to-date.

We can help you achieve your digital transformation goals with our Intelligent Platforms as solutions. Our proprietary automations tools help you make your workforce more efficient and execute tasks faster. These products are customizable, can communicate with business systems and facilitate efficient integration of workflows across the entire enterprise. Our intelligent automation tool is implemented across varied functions through platform alliances like Automation Anywhere, UiPath, OPEN RPA, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.


Intelligent services to deliver a better CX

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning with our intelligent services.

Intelligent Platforms Products

Mind RPA

MIND RPA, alongside humans, creates resilient businesses that provide superior customer and user experience across enterprises. One of the new age RPA solutions, Mind RPA, can -Effortlessly blend unstructured and structured processes into a conventional workflow...


In the present age, customer communication is the crucial for business success. So, as a company, you must extend your reach by deploying AI chatbots across social media channels, voice assistants, SMS/MMS, and your website with our MIND CHAT solutions – an AI chatbot software & solutions provider...

Mind FAQ

Omind Technologies is FAQ software provider and it is designed to transform customer service as we know it. An automated FAQ software based on Microsoft Azure platform, Mind Frequently Asked Question software is an easy-to-use comprehensive Question Answer base software provider...

OUR Case Studies

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Improving AHT And Customer Experience Using Mind FAQ

Check out how our Mind FAQ tool helped bring down the AHT and improve capacity to ensure better customer support and improved customer experience for a hospitality client.

Improving AHT With The Help Of Mind FAQ

Find out how our Mind FAQ tool helped reduce AHT by 15% and improved the call handling capability of the agents for our e-commerce client.