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Are Your Employee Onboarding Software & Retention Strategies Showing Results?

Employee Onboarding Software

We have heard a lot about employee onboarding software and how collaboration tools and automation are working in tandem to help organizations turn on effective recruitment drives. However, integrating technology in recruitment is not sufficient in itself; there is a lot more on the checklist.

According to a TINYpulse data, employees who aren’t appreciated and recognized at an organization are two times more likely to look for a new job. And this is where the need for a fool-proof retention strategy comes into the picture. However, this should not be difficult as most employees are taking their chances in the present organization. So, a little more vigilance and effort could save a lot of recruitment investment.

So, here we’ll discuss how to bring a better work environment and use employee feedback to improve the same.

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Why Do Employees Leave an Organization?

There are several indications that HRs and managers can look out for when any employee is looking to transition to a new organization. This gives the people management team a chance to focus more on employee retention.

Based on research and surveys, there are a few reasons employees leave an organization.

  1. They get a better-paying job
  2. They are looking for better career scope
  3. They feel overworked in their present organization
  4. They aren’t hitting their ideal work-life balance
  5. They feel that their company is sinking in business performance and revenue
  6. The company culture has started to bother them

Ascertaining the reason behind the employees’ leaving is half the job done.

Strategies to Keep Employees Satisfied

To achieve a high retention rate, employee satisfaction should be the top priority for organizations. Certain recruitment and retention strategies can help onboard the right employees and transform them into loyalists.

Check out a few of those!

  • Start at Onboarding

    Employee experience and retention start from onboarding. New hires are always nervous, irrespective of what position they are joining for. So, the onus should be on the HR and people management team to create a healthy relationship right from the onset.

    The best way to do this would be employee onboarding software. It eases the physical workload of both the HRs and employees and enhances an organization’s reputation. Induction, introduction to company policies, documentation, etc., are crucial features to have in a centralized onboarding software.

  • Make Learning & Development Mandatory

    Employee career growth, or lack of it, is one of the biggest reasons employees leave one organization for another. So, organizations will need to step up in their employee engagement game by offering employees a platform to upgrade their skills.

    A learning management system can help organizations create a platform for employees to improve their skills. Such a system can work best with in-house study material and externally sourced courses.

    It’s worth noting that if employees are subjected to constant growth and personality development within an organization, the chances of retention shoot up astronomically.

  • Have Accurate Productivity Monitoring & Analysis

    Another major reason why even loyal employees leave an organization is pay disparity within the organization and industry standards. One of the main reasons why this happens is improper productivity and performance tracking.

    This triggers the need for a proper tracking mechanism for various KPIs, including,

    1. Punctuality,
    2. Turn-around-time, and
    3. Productivity.

    A lot of startups use a manual process for the employee evaluation process to determine employee progression and appraisal. As a result, the employees receive a sub-par appraisal, which catalyzes them to seek better opportunities elsewhere.

    Automated efficiency management software reduces human error and bias to produce the most accurate performance management report. Satisfied employees can be your brand advocate, spread word of mouth about how good an employer you are, and bring in good referrals.

Summing Up the Strategies

So here comes the question you must assess your employee management performance:

Are your onboarding and retention strategies working as you’d expect them to?

The answer depends on whether you have integrated automation into your organization. A manual process has a lot of drawbacks, some of which are fatal enough to cause a dip in employee satisfaction. So, it’s time to upgrade your existing onboarding and people management experience with an automated candidate management system and take care of your employee retention.

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