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Enjoy an intelligent and smart approach with Omind's HR payroll software.

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Say goodbye to payroll complications using payroll processing software for accountants.

Managing, calculating, and processing payroll at a specified time period is not just daunting but even haunting. However, with Omind’s automated payroll software solution, you can feel relieved as it simplifies the routine, repetitive, and complicated payroll tasks and generates results in no time. The on-time salary and tax calculation and the instant generation of payslips every month make the job stress-free for the payroll experts. We ensure excellent payroll support to your team irrespective of the business across different. Choose Omind and run the payroll process successfully.


Know more about your Mind Payroll software perks

Mind Payroll software is a top-rated digital solution that promises to offer a seamless payroll experience to the team of payroll experts. Here’s why every organization is looking for this advanced solution to augment their business growth.

Processing payroll in just a few clicks

Calculating and processing individual payroll is no longer time-consuming. Omind’s smart payroll software for accountants reduces the manual efforts and assures organizations about processing payrolls in just a few clicks. We make you add a smile to your employee's faces by providing salaries on time.

Minimize compliance risks and tax penalties

Our payroll software has the potential to reduce all your compliance risks and prevent you from tax penalties. You can keep a tab on your compliances, manage tax deductions and ensure filing taxes on time. We even enable organizations to update their regulatory compliances and manage the expenses to a wide extent.

Greater insight into the salary structure

Mind Payroll adds transparency to the individual salary structure by generating payslips for every month. You can issue salary slips and allow your employees to have a greater understanding. The employee’s income detail for every month clears out all their doubts, thus making your organization a reliable one.

Accurate and on-time salary calculation

Calculating salary is pretty time-consuming and often creates a delay and errors. You can avoid both by choosing our Mind Payroll solution. We ensure that no organization leaves their employees in distress by processing incorrect salary after a week delay. Our software fetches the attendance data for individual employees and manages deductions to calculate the salary with 100% accuracy.

What do we have in our Mind Payroll Software?

Omind empowers businesses with stress-free payroll calculation and processing. All thanks to the key features that help experts to manage the individual payroll without any failure. Check out the integrated modules for better understanding.

HR payroll management

Managing payroll for your workforce and maintaining the compliance factors require zero efforts when you are integrating our payroll software solution. From managing taxes to streamlining the payroll calculation and accurate expense management, the system takes no time to run the entire process and say goodbye to the work pressure.

Salary & Tax calculation

Calculating salary and taxes for individuals can be very tedious. With this automated system, you can simplify routine and repetitive tasks and overcome the daily challenges that hinder the calculation process. Timely payroll calculation and easy filing of taxes are the two crucial features that encourage businesses the most.



Omind’s payslip generation module enables businesses to stay reliable and competent in the marketplace. The option gives a chance to enhance your business reputation and help your workforce to get a clear frame of the individual salary structure. From issuing salary slips for every month to giving your employees the flexibility to view, download, and share the pay slips over email, the module is efficient in performing loads of tasks.

Industries We Serve

Find the industries where Mind Payroll serves the best.



IT/ITES customers use Mind Payroll software to turn their payroll processing and management steps simpler and faster. Faster and accurate payroll leads to high employee experience and greater engagement.



The retail industry is introducing Omind’s payroll software for accountants to simplify the complex payroll steps and deliver on-time salary payments to the workforce.



Omind serves the manufacturing brands with an intention to grow employee satisfaction and build a high retention rate. Our software solution takes no time to deliver accurate payroll and manage deductions for individual employees.



Healthcare clients are finding Omind’s payroll software convincing as they get the scope to manage payroll, reduce compliances, calculate deductions, and much more.



Utility service providers prefer Omind's payroll solution over other digital advancements in order to stay reliable by delivering on-time salaries, payslips, and filing taxes.



Banking and financial institutions are finding Mind Payroll as the perfect solution to payroll concerns. From managing payroll to calculating accurate taxes and salaries, the software offers a hassle-free experience to the users.