At Omind Technologies, we consider digital technologies to be the key to sustainable growth.

And we would like to introduce businesses to the endless possibilities of these technologies using our custom solutions.

While businesses are still adapting to digital, learning and adopting these technologies now will help them grow and evolve into a company with a customer-centric approach, which is a win-win for both the company and the customers.

Our custom digital transformation solutions range from workforce management solutions to chatbots and quality assurance automation. These solutions are designed to offer solutions to your daily operation challenges ranging from slower customer response, human errors in repetitive tasks, efficiency and performance issues, compliance adherence, and quality control. Based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and natural language processing, these digital transformation solutions can help you gain a digital edge over your competitors and reap the benefit of efficiency, performance, and cost-efficiency.


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Mind Workplace

Mind Workplace is a fluid employee management framework that streamlines and simplifies every aspect of employee management. It provides you with accurate insights to focus on your employees throughout their life cycle and achieve business success.

Mind QA

Our Mind QA, a contact center quality management software combines voice-to-text and speech analytics with machine learning to better understand your customers and measure your support efforts. With Mind QA, it is possible to analyze 100% of the conversations between customers and agents, gain valuable insights.

Mind FAQ

With Mind FAQ, it is easy to deliver superior customer service without increasing agent effort. As a FAQ tool provider, Omind Tech’s automated FAQ software is designed to analyze human sentiment and provide timely and accurate solutions to the agents using advanced Natural Language processing, ensuring a better customer experience.

Mind Chat

Our advanced AI chatbot software and solutions come with intelligent language understanding systems and machine learning capabilities that allow you to capture the intent and utterance and promote customer self-service. Customers today are tech-savvy and prefer self-service over call queues.

Mind RPA

MIND RPA, alongside humans, creates resilient businesses that provide superior customer and user experience across enterprises. One of the new age RPA solutions, Mind RPA, can -Effortlessly blend unstructured and structured processes into a conventional workflow.

Mind Recruitment

The HR recruitment software solutions influence the human resource team to a vast extent. From improving the candidate experience to increase HR employee engagement, the software proves to be efficient in all aspects.

Mind Payroll

Businesses with a large number of employees often find payroll processing a time consuming and stressful task where the accountants have to work on routine calculations manually, leaving scopes of human error. In order to run their business efficiently, business need to process their payroll efficiently..

Mind LMS

Training and development is the most pivotal section of human resources. Be it a new employee or the existing workforce, high-impact training is positively required to accelerate business growth. For HR managers, it is pretty difficult to manage corporate training while serving other HR activities.

Mind Quality

Mind Quality is a quality enhancement product in our Omind family. It ensures quality benchmarking across various processes under a single customer or across various processes under different regions. It gives various analytical outputs based on customized scorecards. These scorecards can give..

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We help you to grow the business easily & quickly


The FEMS QA framework in fusion comes with a robust 360 degree approach in quality assurance...covering the entire life cycle of quality assurance the framework tracks the performance management at all level with one view. The multiple performance view in different location helps us to be calibrated and work towards improving the quality and customer satisfaction. We thank for keeping us within the FEMS QA framework across all partners for better visibility.

Subscription-based Delivery Startup, India


Mind FAQ used effectively with the upload of important business data and processes is a substantially beneficial tool for the agents to use, whilst simultaneously servicing our customers ensuring seamless and accurate information provided throughout. The dedication and efficiency of the team uploading and embellishing product knowledge into the tool has paid dividends to the effective utilization of the tool within operations.

UK’s Largest Hospitality Chain


Love Mind FAQ! I can definitely see its value and it is so useful for the team.

Energy Service Provider, USA


Even though the automation piece is still not yet complete, I can already see how this can increase efficiencies. So excited to take this forward!

Autoparts Ecommerce Brand


I would like to thank you and extend my appreciation for implementing FEMS QA framework in OYO International. Implantation of the robust FEMS QA framework helped to capture an employee’s entire QA lifecycle starting from certification, Transaction QA , TNI and Performance improvement. With 360 degree approach in the FEMS QA framework helped to improve conversion through continuous focus on transactional /special audit and tracking of agent feedback acceptance/ supervisor coaching. This high-level approach helped us to improve our business KPI and contact center performance.

India’s Largest Hospitality Chain


I love the automated queue monitoring. Very helpful, thank you.

Vehicle Shipping Company, USA


We help you to grow the business easily & quickly

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