Omind Technologies offers a host of AI and automation solutions that cater to your business's specific needs - enhance efficiency, productivity and save precious manhours.


Mind Workplace

An award-winning WFM tool that caters to various departments including WFM, HR, operations, and more, boosting the overall efficiency

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Quality Management

This QA solution uses voice to text and speech analytics with machine learning to better understand your customers and measure your support efforts.

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Intelligent Platforms

Our Robotic Process Automation tool can help you automate routine tasks, improve process KPIs, save manual labor, and optimize your resource utilization.

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Case Studies

Our cutting-edge AI and ML-based products are designed to resolve our clients' specific issues across different industry verticals. Check out these case studies to see how our solutions help out different businesses:

Improving Monitoring and Reporting using Mind RPA

See how our proprietary Mind RPA tool has saved 11.5 K manhour annually for an Auto Transport Broker client.

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Improving AHT and Customer Experience using Mind FAQ

Check out how our Mind FAQ tool helped bring down the AHT and improve capacity to ensure better customer support and improved customer experience for a hospitality client.

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Improving conversion and increasing revenue using Mind QA

Check out how our Mind QA tool helped improve conversion numbers and increase revenue by over 50% for our health supplement client.

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