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Common Challenges (and solutions) for Integrating Quality Management System in Call Centers


Integrating a quality management system in call centers can be a great way to address these issues and improve the overall quality of customer service. However, it does bear a lot of challenges. So, it is very important to know the most common obstacles call centers face before implementing a QMS.

A number of unique factors must be taken into account, including the high volume of customer interactions, the need for standardization, and the importance of technology. We are here to discuss this very topic, the common challenges of implementing quality management software in call centers, along with discussing possible solutions.

Here we go!

Adapting to Change


While talking about the most common challenge of implementing a quality management system in call centers is the resistance to adopting the change. The agents working in any call center company may have a comfort zone with the current way of doing things, and adjusting to something new can be daunting.


Communication and training are the keys to overcoming agent resistance to change. Therefore, managers and top-level decision-makers should communicate the benefits of the new quality management system to the agents and provide them with the necessary training to ensure that they are comfortable with the new system.

Resource Consideration


Implementing a QMS requires a lot of resources, including time, money, and staffing. Many call centers may not have the resources to implement a QMS effectively, especially if it is a new business.


The management team in a call center organization needs to prioritize the implementation of quality management software and allocate the necessary resources. These call centers can also consider integrating certain user onboarding software.

Training Data


Quality monitoring and assessment are essential components of any QMS system. However, call centers often do not have adequate data to train employees or enhance agent quality. This inadequacy contributes to the challenge.


Call center organizations must ensure that they collect enough data to accurately measure service quality. They should also consider using customer feedback surveys to gather more data to train the agents or enhance the relevance of the new QMS.

Technical Know-hows


When discussing integrating new quality management software into an existing workforce, the late lack of proper technical knowledge is a major challenge. So, it is also important to impart proper additional training to the agents with the technical aspects.


There are multiple ways that organizations can take up to upskill their employees, and soft skill is not the only solution. It is crucial to train your agents in the technical aspects as well. When you do that, you give the agents an additional layer of understanding with regard to the technical side of the new software to be integrated.



Accountability is crucial to the success of quality management tools. The seniors and management-level staff should take ownership of the new integration. The problem arises when the top management doesn’t lead from the front about adapting to the new quality management system.


The leaders need to drive the new software, push the employees to use it without any exceptions, and train those who find it difficult to adapt. This means even the managers should be adept with the new tool.

Summing Up the Topic

Integrating new quality assurance can be a huge task for call centers for many reasons. However, with a planned approach to the training on the quality management software, call centers will go a long way toward ensuring that the integration and user onboarding is smooth.

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