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Mind Recruitment

HR Recruitment Software - Turn your recruitment process 2X faster and easier

The process of hiring the right candidates from the pool of talents is more effective with Omind’s recruitment management software. Be it your talent acquisition, managing candidates, or onboarding prospects, our recruitment software eliminates the need for putting in manual efforts and simplifies the overall workflow. From finding the right people to moving the selected candidates to the recruitment pipeline, our system can streamline every step of your hiring process. Get the most well-featured recruitment software that fits your business requirements and configure the software for a better business process.


Know more about your Mind Recruitment software perks

Mind Recruitment software is a one-stop platform for recruiters who are facing challenges while hiring candidates and onboarding them in the workplace. Here are the absolute advantages that you can gain by leveraging this software solution.

Easy screening of the top talents

Finding the right candidates for a specific job role is quite challenging. Our recruitment and onboarding software enables organizations to filter out the talents automatically based on the job requirements and criteria. You can efficiently identify the top talents based on their capabilities and move them forward to the recruitment panel.

Paperless approach

The recruitment and onboarding process involves plenty of paperwork. With Mind Recruitment, you can bid goodbye to pen and paper and impress your new hires with the best onboarding experience. The paperless approach from the first day of their joining boosts their satisfaction, encouraging them to stay engaged with the brand for a long time.

Seamless candidate management

Managing candidates is very convincing with Omind’s HR recruitment software. Beside constantly analyzing and identifying the top candidate resumes, the tool enables recruiters to filter the candidate search by department, skills, qualifications, etc. You can even maintain a single database to manage the candidate data and efficiently access them to send notifications and emails.

Unbiased decisions for smart hiring

Eliminate the possibility of bias from hiring decisions by choosing Omind’s candidate recruitment and onboarding software. With this tool, you can immediately connect with the respective managers or team leaders and make better hiring decisions before randomly collaborating with any of the candidates.

What do we have in our Mind Recruitment Software?

Omind’s HR recruitment software has loads of HR-friendly modules to explore. These are introduced to activate smart candidate management, recruitment and onboarding process in your workplace.

Requisition & Candidate Management

The talent requisition and candidate management module is specifically structured to have a robust relationship between the candidates and the recruiters. From raising hiring requests on portals to resume parsing and evaluating the right candidates, you can avoid the old-school methods if you are leveraging Omind’s candidate management system.

Applicant Tracking

Monitoring, managing, collaborating, and communicating with the prospective candidates are now more flexible with Mind Recruitment. This eliminates the bias that fractures the hiring process, reduces the time to hire, and generates real-time hiring reports, thus offering the best hiring experience to the candidates. It helps you to keep your hiring team up to date.


Recruitment & Onboarding

Omind, with its recruitment and onboarding module, uses a holistic approach to develop an effective hiring pipeline for the organizations. From reaching out to the right candidate to moving the selected ones to the onboarding process, the system turns the job hassle-free. Our system enables sending automated emails, mapping candidate profiles, and introducing new hires digitally with the team.

Industries We Serve

Find the industries where Mind Recruitment serves the best.



Our IT/ITES clients use Mind Recruitment software solution to turn their hiring process more efficient. They use this tool to find the most appropriate IT professional fitting the job role.



We serve the retail industry with the intention that they can improve their recruitment and onboarding process and find the right talent for their brand.



The manufacturing industry says yes to our advanced recruitment management tool so that they can focus more on building productivity by acquiring the top talents from the pool of potential candidates.



Our healthcare clients are using Mind Recruitment to simplify their hiring process and improve their satisfaction level for better engagement and high employee retention.



Utility service providers are using our software solutions to avoid the manual time-consuming recruitment process. They are utilizing these digital solutions to upgrade their HR efficiency and workflow.



With our enhanced software product, banking and finance institutions are easing out their candidate management and recruitment process. They are using this to add top-notch experience to the new hires.