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Open the door to exception learning for your workforce.

Mind LMS

Learning Management Software - Engage your employees with extended learning and development possibilities

Would you like to give a strong shape to your brand by developing a talented and productive team of professionals? Omind’s LMS software helps you with exactly what you need. Using our high-end software solution, you can offer plenty of advanced courses to your talented professionals and simultaneously run training and development programs for your new hires. Be it is creating an analytical report from regular assessments or identifying the strengths and employee performances, you can integrate this tool to create a significant impact on your workforce. This will give your managers a good scope to gain greater insight into the training programs and make improvements for better team efficiency and productivity.


Know more about your Mind LMS software perks

Omind’s learning management software is a one-stop learning platform for your workforce. Leveraging this software solution, you can enjoy multiple advantages, and so will be your team of professionals.

Outstanding learning experience

Mind LMS software focuses more on building impeccable learning experiences for the workforce. Be it new learners or experienced professionals, you can use this software to run a multitude of learning programs, schedule assessments, and offer self-learning courses. Introducing the software is the best way to develop an optimum learning approach for your team members.

Greater engagement, greater retention

Effective learning and development programs always lead to greater team engagement and higher retention. If you are looking forward to reducing employee turnover for your organization, Omind's LMS solution should always be your prime target. You can integrate this tool and use the level up, knowledge base, KAT, and learning programs to turn your workforce pretty engaging.

Better team productivity

Are you expecting huge productivity from your team? With Omind, you can surely enjoy this in no time. Mind LMS enables enterprises to grow their skillsets and knowledge, improving their efficiency and effectiveness without any hassle. You can simply use the reports and analytics feature to measure the performance and make optimizations as necessary.

Excel in making business decisions

Omind assists businesses in making strong and effective decisions related to their marketing operations. With the incorporation of our LMS tool, you can assess the employee performance, make easy recognition, and gain insightful data to make better and clear decisions. Understanding the employee’s strengths and weaknesses, you can choose the best performer for any particular campaign to acquire the desired results.

What do we have in our Mind LMS Software?

Our LMS software has plenty of modules to surprise you. You can leverage these features to build a robust learning experience and draw high engagement for your business. Check out the following modules that can turn your talents more productive.

Level Up

Our Level Up module is specifically designed for your existing talents who are ready to upgrade their knowledge and skillsets for their individual career advancement. By choosing this feature, you get the leverage to pull up your team’s productivity level with advanced courses and training programs.

Learning Programs

Our Learning Programs module makes it easier for organizations to improve the learning experience of the workforce by sharing varied e-learning plans and programs. Here you get the scope to evaluate the training programs, run regular assessments, and have interactive discussions with the participants for better team performance.


Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base module pays attention to promoting self-learning for the workforce. Using this feature, you can enhance your learning and development strategy and enable the team members to grow their skillsets without any human intervention. From searching for any topics to finding answers to the queries, we help organizations to build an engaging and happy employee base.


KAT or Knowledge Assessment Test module enables your managers to conduct regular assessments for diverse projects. With this tool, you can measure employee performance throughout the training programs, analyze the reports, and manage the talents effectively in the workplace.

Industries We Serve

Find the industries where Mind LMS serves the best.



IT/ITES companies use Omind’s LMS solution to upgrade their team effectiveness and performance. Our tool helps IT enterprises build a productive and engaging workforce.



The retail industry is investing in Mind LMS software to improve their workforce performance and concentrate more on building brand competency.



Manufacturing customers leverage Omind’s LMS tool to grow team engagement through virtual classrooms, training programs, self-learning courses, and regular assessments.



Our healthcare clients prefer to choose Omind’s LMS tool to enhance their team’s proficiency and performance. Constantly improving the staff’s knowledge base is always the prime target.



The utility service providers utilize the learning management system to grow the work efficiency and deliver high productivity to your clients.



Banking and finance institutions leverage our learning management software to engage your team members, build up their efficiencies, and strengthen their productivity levels.