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Hiring Internally? Check these out before Getting Started

Online Recruitment Software

Organizations take various measures to ensure that the attrition rate does not creep up to a high. Such campaigns solve various purposes for the organization question, like

  • Helps retain quality employees,
  • Keeps the employer’s reputation in check, etc.

Among the various means in this endeavor are revamping the R&R methods, delivering a satisfactory employee experience, and offering compensatory appraisals and appreciation. And in the quest to achieve such a goal, internal hiring (AKA Internal Job Posting) plays a huge part.

While this is common among established brands, startups and small-scale companies still depend on manual external recruitment to fill open positions. For such brands, the foremost recommendation is to integrate online recruitment software to handle both external and internal hiring.

For now, let’s discuss inter here!

  • Promotions

    One of the most common forms of internal hiring is promotions. Depending on the internal criteria for employment tenure and qualification, organizations promote existing employees to senior positions in either the same department or another.

    Now, while the promotion fills the senior position, it also opens a vacant role. In this case, hiring a candidate for a lower position is easier than filling up a managerial-level vacancy. Plus, the cost-to-hire for a single manager is a lot higher than a few associate level employees.

    The Mind Recruitment software from Omind Technologies offers ease of implementation for HRs. Our online recruitment software module is a part of the greater workforce management tool that automates the pre- and post-process for employee promotion, be it with their designation, payroll updates, or access controls.

  • Department/Location Transfers

    In many situations, existing employees are transferred to a different department or a new location altogether. Depending on the skills and policies, the shift can be in the same field or in a new department that the organization deems fit.

    Transfers are a great way to fill open positions for new departments and locations. It also relieves the HRs from hiring top-level managers and team leaders. And all thanks to our WFM software, organizations can push notifications and open position details to the employees , welcoming applications for the same.

  • Employee Referrals

    Internal referrals are not a direct inclusion under internal hiring. However, it does simplify the recruitment process by reducing the timeline. Plus, it also reduces the cost-per-hire and ensures the little investment made is on track with the company’s interest by improving the quality of hires.

    Organizations can offer a ‘Referral Bonus’ to the employees who recommend good candidates from among their acquaintances. However, such bonuses should be subject to a certain degree of tenure of the new joinee. Most organizations set this benchmark for 3-6 months.

Define Your Internal Hiring SOP

Most startups mistake settling for employees for new positions of their choice. However, this is a non-yielding method of internal hiring. Organizations must have a streamlined internal hiring process, including online recruitment software. Check out this blog to know more about why your organizations, need candidate management or applicant tracking software.

A comprehensive recruitment and onboarding tool can help organizations reduce their dependency on manual HR functions and carry out all processes over a SaaS layout. Feel free to contact with us to learn more about what employee onboarding software can bring to your organization. We’ll be happy to give you a detailed idea of our product and a free demo.

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