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Improve your employee experience for building high engagement.

Mind Community

Employee engagement software to retain talents within the workplace

Making your employees feel happier and satisfied at work is no longer a pain point. Omind’s employee engagement software gives you the flexibility to engage your workforce by offering tons of employee benefits that leads to a high employee experience. Our software enables enterprises to run several employee referrals programs, generate real-time employee feedback, cultivate mood reports, build communications, and much more. Overall, it aims to connect with the employee base both mentally and emotionally, no matter from where they work. Rely on our enhanced engagement software solution to retain your talents and boost employee satisfaction for brand enhancement.


Know more about your Mind Community software perks

Mind Community works on building team engagement and developing employee retention in order to reduce employee turnover. Let us explore the perks that excite businesses to leverage this solution.

Boosting employee performance

Omind’s employee engagement solution helps the workforce in improving their performance level simply by accumulating feedback and reviews and running frequent surveys and polls. The impressive features are not just for keeping the staff engaged within the organization but also to level up their performance by figuring out the incompetencies.

Building high employee retention

The more the employees are engaged, the lower they feel burnout. This leads to low absenteeism and a significant increase in employee retention. Are your employees committed at work? If not, our engagement software will take a short span of time to reduce employee turnover, thus defining a robust employee base.

High employee recognition

With enhanced employee engagement solutions, Mind Community software assists the managers in recognizing the top-performing employees in the organization. The feedback system helps to determine the best performer and build their motivation for better productivity. You can analyze the work and optimize them as required.

Developing better work morale

Omind's employee engagement software helps to develop the work morale and establish a positive work culture all around. Whether the employees are working remotely or in person, you can access this feature to create a better engagement and establish an uniform work culture.

What do we have in our Mind Community Software?

Mind Community software solution aims to build employee engagement and retention in the workplace. All thanks to the amazing features listed below. Let us find out what we have in our store.

Organization announcements

Broadcasting information to the entire workforce is smoother with this organization announcements feature. Our announcement feature enables the business to share important news and greetings easily and effectively, keeping the mails from piling up in your mailboxes. You can use this module to set reminders for a special day like team members’ birthdays and work anniversaries.

Employee referral programs

Mind Community makes the hiring process easier for HR managers. It helps enterprises to hire potential candidates by adding referral programs, thus building the employee engagement level to a wide extent.

Mood report

Employee mood reports enable the managers to recognize the sentiments and improve the employee behavior towards the organization. The constant analysis of the mood report provides a clear employee insight, which further contributes a lot to boost employee morale and engagement.

Complaints & feedback

Let the managers, supervisors, and peers share their reviews of a particular employee’s performance on a certain project. Constant feedback generation not just creates a greater employee understanding but even boosts the employee engagement level.


Surveys and polls

Surveys and polls have a great role in improving employee engagement. You can use this module just after completion of any event, campaign, or new launch to understand the employee opinions and share thoughts. It makes your employees feel heard and valued.

Photo Gallery

This photo gallery feature makes sharing images of brand-related events and campaigns easier. The brands can easily keep their workforce engaged, excited, and updated with impressive snapshots captured on every celebration.


Keeping your workforce up-to-date by sharing messages in real-time is convenient with Mind Community's shoutbox feature. It helps improve the employee experience level by enabling you to provide short and precise information and instructions to the staff within the organization.


Would you like your employees to learn about their customer stories? Accessing the customer testimonials section, you can let your workforce know why the clients feel connected and how to keep them retained for a long time.

Industries We Serve

Find the industries where Mind Community serves the best.



IT/ITES industries are choosing Mind Community to excel their employee engagement level and build high retention scores.



Our retail customers love to choose Mind Community to improve the mood and behavior of the employees and decrease their employee turnover.



Manufacturing companies are leaving no stone unturned to leverage our employee engagement software for high engagement and productivity development.



Healthcare customers choose our employee engagement software solution to retain healthcare workers and enable a better workforce experience.



Utility companies are adding a new dimension to their businesses by improving the HR workflow that involves employee engagement and recognition.



Banking and financial institutions are improving their work efficiency and effectiveness by including our digitally-enhanced employee engagement solution in their system.