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An Ultimate Guide on Call Center Quality Assurance: How and Why It Is important?

Comblogultimate guide on call center quality assurance

Do you know most of our business’s growth depends on customer service? It takes months to build up a strong reputation in the market with top-notch customer support services. Whereas it takes minutes to bring the business to its knees with poor customer service. For a call center, customer support solutions are more substantial. Therefore, to stay on top of call quality, contact centers are paying more attention to call center quality assurance.

According to the 2018 call center industry survey by Statista, 39% of the leaders ensured having an optimized quality assurance process. While 46% of call center operators are still in the developing stage.


Are you looking forward to improving your call quality? Nothing can help you more than introducing call center quality management software.

Keep reading the article, and you will get a clear insight into this quality assurance software in a contact center.

Table of contents we are going to cover:

  • What is contact center quality assurance software solution?
  • Why is quality assurance in a call center so important?
  • How does a call center QA software improve the customer experience?
  • How to measure the call center QA metrics?

What is a contact center quality assurance software solution?

Contact center quality assurance is a process to evaluate an agent’s performance by assessing the calls and monitoring the conversations between the agents and the customers. From analyzing the call quality to optimizing the call with the best practices, the call center QA agents are responsible for handling all these things. They ensure no customer call is left untouched and offer the best solution based on the problem.

Why is quality assurance in a call center so important?

Now since you have a good idea about – what quality assurance in a call center is all about, it is time to uncover the key reasons that made the tool so important. The following points state why contact centers are investing more into this.

  1. Adhering to compliance: Every call center service provider needs to follow certain guidelines especially designed for this industry. Consequently, monitoring calls and ensuring they are abiding by the industry standards is important. Call center QA takes care of all this. It helps in maintaining the regulations and securing the customer data.

  2. Provide positive customer experience: Seamless customer experience is what every customer looks for. With call quality monitoring software, you can help the brands maintain consistency while offering services. The tool determines the flaws while monitoring the interactions and guides the agents in optimizing their services. It makes sure the agents do not compromise in meeting the customer requirements, thereby boosting their experiences at every stage.

  3. Gain high customer retention rate: Gaining new customers is far more challenging than retaining the old ones – agree or not? That’s the reason why contact centers leave no stone unturned to meet customer expectations. Call center quality assurance software makes it easier for the agents to hold back the customers by understanding their needs and priorities and delivering optimum services. A high customer retention rate is thus easily achieved with this.

  4. Build an effective team of agents: Call center agents are responsible for serving the customers with their demands and priorities, leading to a high customer satisfaction score. This is possible only when you keep on monitoring the calls, identify the issues, and resolve the problem instantly. Thanks to the QA software, it gives you the flexibility to measure the effectiveness and efficiencies of the agents. The tool is effective enough in turning the team productive.

How does a call center QA software improve the customer experiences?

Quality assurance software in a call center significantly impacts its business growth and customer experiences. But the question that often strikes the mind is how the software is responsible for attaining these key perks?

Here we will talk about the best QA practices that can actually help in acquiring the desired results.

  • Promoting self-assessment for agents should always be the first approach if you are expecting to turn your QA process successful. Besides running different training and development programs for your agents, you can create self-learning options to improve the learning experience.

  • Making a habit of generating continuous feedback help the agents to improve their progress report and guide them in achieving milestones. Regular quality assurance and well-defined metrics make it easier to improve the quality standards of the call center services.

  • Knowing the right standards is important while you measure the metrics of call center quality management system. Unless and until you are aware of the standard score, it becomes hard to analyze whether the score is good to go or requires further optimization. Remember, the data results are required to lead a successful coaching session, leaving no chance to avoid them.

How to measure the call center QA metrics?

In the above section, we have discussed how the QA metrics are important for improving the call quality and turning your team productive. Let us now emphasize how to measure the quality metrics or be specific – what metrics can determine the call quality?

Following are the top KPIs.

  1. Customer satisfaction rate – This defines the percentage of customers who are satisfied with the contact center service. These customers are more likely to feel good about their experience.

  2. First call resolution rate – This defines the number of calls resolved during the first call between the customer and the agent. This shows how efficient the agent is in resolving the queries.

  3. Average handling rate – This defines the amount of time taken by the agent to solve the customer query. It calculates the time from the moment the agent accepts the call to the call is completed.

  4. Net promoter score – This measures customer loyalty and customer experience by gaining feedback from the customers about their recommendations. The score ranges from 0 to 10, where 0 to 6 represents detractors, 7 to 8 represents passive, and 9 and 10 represent promoters.

  5. Average speed of answering – This defines the average time the agents take to answer a customer’s call.

  6. Customer effort score – This defines the amount of effort customers make to feel satisfied at the end of the transaction.

Final Thoughts

Call center quality assurance software is equally important as other data-driven tools that are used to boost work efficiency and team performance. Studies have proven that contact centers without QA solutions are less likely to satisfy the customers. While those giving more attention to QA never failed to impress the customer base.

Call quality is, therefore, more important than business productivity. Even if you experience low productivity, you can retain your customers by offering top-notch customer service. That’s the trick.

Are you looking for a better QA solution for your contact center? Omind team is always there to help you out. You can simply outsource your requirements, and we promise to provide you with the most appropriate solution.

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