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How to Choose The Perfect Call Center Quality Assurance Software?

What, according to you, makes a customer service quality assurance software “perfect”? Is it the comprehensive features, scalability, or usability? This article will discuss several considerations required to choose a perfect call center quality assurance software.

What is customer service quality assurance software?

Customer service QA software is a tool that can boost the service quality of the agents by keeping track of the calls and measuring the performance based on the client’s requirements. The software assists the call center managers observe the customer support process, ensuring that the services meet the client’s demands and priorities.

Various key performance metrics are used to measure the quality of the call center process. In addition, the QA management software makes sure the process adheres to industry standards and government legislation.

An overview on customer service quality assurance software solutions

Before moving on to selecting the right software product for your call center process, you must get a clear insight into the stats and facts related to this. It will give you a better understanding of how brands accept this particular software solution and how the future market will look.

If you consider the last year 2020 survey, the global quality management software market was valued at around USD 8.25 billion, which is expected to grow with a CAGR of 9.7% by the year 2028. With the rise in the adoption of new strategies, the QA market is expected to have a broader horizon.

As the demand of customers increases every day, the requirement of QA software exceeds the standard assumptions.

Are you interested in introducing a customer service quality assurance solution to meet market demands? Keep reading to learn the steps to find a perfect customer service QA software.

How to find a perfect customer service quality assurance software? Check out the following steps.

  1. Standalone or Integrated: When you are thinking about deploying customer service quality control software into your system, this particular factor needs to be considered at the very beginning. Standalone or integrated – which one do you choose when you look for a call center QA solution? It often causes a big headache, but it is not a matter to overlook.
  2. Standalone software focuses more on quality assurance. It takes care of every fine detail of the QA process. However, it has nothing to do with other performance metrics.

    Integrated software focuses on a comprehensive package that involves monitoring the 360degree performance metrics of the process. Though you will have a less detailed outlook with this tool, you get a clear insight into multiple performance metrics accessing one single dashboard.

  3. Range of features: A perfect QA tool should always be rich with top-graded features. Remember, the tool is designed to boost the customer service process. Therefore, avoiding any basic feature or advanced functionality can hinder the entire process. With the advancement in technology, the must-have features include – helpdesk integration, multichannel access, real-time data generation, and CSV export generation.
  4. While implementing this software into your process, make sure the aforesaid features align with your tool. Such features enhance the capability and efficiency of the tool, creating a great impact on the customer support service.

  5. Pricing: Pricing is always the premium factor that interferes with the decision-making process a lot. No matter how large your business is, there is no space to avoid this while making a smart decision.
  6. Prices for different software solutions are different. It varies from company to company and depends upon the characteristics and structure of the particular software. While you evaluate the price of the customer service quality assurance software, measure its scalability, training costs, expected ROI. This will assist you in crafting your budget and meeting your team’s requirements.

  7. Scalability: Growth is consistent in every business, and to maintain the consistency and efficiency of the growing team, scalable QA solutions are required. Usually, a call center is expanded across several countries and regions with a huge workforce.
  8. Many brands have a misconception that investing in only workforce management software solutions is enough to manage the agent’s performance. The truth is you can’t expect great outputs unless you measure the quality of the performance. It is when customer service quality control software comes in.

    While you go for it, make sure it is scalable enough to manage the workforce and their performance. Software with good scalability and mobility score can ensure the team’s growth in advance and facilitate the operations accordingly.

  9. Usability: An ideal QA software is utilized at every step of a business process. Whether it is assessing the agent’s performance, tracking the customer demands, delivering output, and so on. Therefore, having a standard usability score is a must while you are choosing a perfect QA tool.

The best way to determine whether the tool is easy to use and easy to integrate can go for the demo sessions or the free trial option. Companies offering free access for a few days are best when it comes to making the right decision related to call center quality assurance solutions.

Check out the resources, platform, and integrated technology while hunting for a perfect QA tool.

Final Thoughts

Selecting a perfect customer service quality assurance software from the market is pivotal as an ideal software product can only deliver a perfect output. We hope the above-mentioned steps will ease out the process and reduce the chance of error. Build a proper strategy and have patience while you deliver quality service to your customers.

Are you thinking about going ahead with this software application?

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