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Applicant Tracking Software: Why Your Organization Needs It

applicant tracking software

Did you know, according to Capterra, 75% of organizations use applicant tracking software?

Such applicant tracking software (or ATS) is also a talent acquisition and management tool. Plus, 99% of all Fortune 500 companies, along with many other SMSE, filter applicant resumes through ATS software.

A modern ATS tool can ensure managing multiple hiring portals and channels. The incoming brought together and sorted various parameters, like JDs, keywords, and special skill requirements. Plus, it can also serve as a talent pool as it saves all profiles, whether selected, rejected, or on hold, for future reference.

Let’s give you all the reasons why you should start looking for an ATS for your organization.

  • It Can Ease the Recruitment Process

    An ATS hiring software can help streamline sorting, filtering, and storing all recruitment-related data in one place. This helps to ease the talent acquisition process.

    It can find eligible candidates for specific requisitions, saving your HR team the time from reviewing resumes manually. Moreover, it updates your talent pool to fulfill all of your workforce needs.

  • It Saves Time and Investment Cost

    The recruitment module from Mind Workplace will help you save time, which can be instrumental in concentrating on hiring planning. It automates several HR tasks, including scheduling interviews, setting email templates, and even jobs postings.

    Moreover, HR would not need to review unqualified resumes with applicant tracking software. Such a recruitment tool will help you reduce your staff count on the HR desks, with just top-level managers, interviewers, etc., making for a cost-effective option.

  • It Creates a Talent Pool

    An applicant tracking tool collects and stores all the past and present applications and resumes for as long as it is in operation. This allows you to create a talent pool for future hiring.

    Creating a talent pool also helps save time and money on future recruitments. You might not have to go through the same process of posting jobs on various channels, shortlisting, and communicating with the selected ones.

Your Organizations Needs an ATS When…

  • There is No Proper Data for Formulating a Hiring Plan

    Your organization must be able to set effective recruitment plans from the existing hiring strategy. However, if this is not possible within your HR department, you must create an efficient recruitment plan, including applicant tracker software.

    An ideal recruitment process starts from requisition management from an organization’s various processes and departments. This requisition is then forwarded to the recruitment team that creates postings on various channels to attract applications. With HR recruitment software, this entire process is streamlined under one solution.

  • You Use Spreadsheets, Emails, and Paper Docs to Manage Recruitment

    Handling and updating multiple spreadsheets after every single email is not a modern way of handling recruitment and onboarding. However, given the rate at which candidate management and applicant tracking tools are growing in the market, adoption and implementation in every organization is imminent.

    Plus, recruitment software can remove the hassle of manual processes by automating the management and reporting, giving your HRs ample time to devise newer strategies to pool in better applicants.

  • You Have to Post Ads Every Time There is a New Requisition

    One of the main benefits of an ATS is that it helps create a talent pool. Without this, your HRs will have to use all of its channels to hire employees after every requisition, burning up many of your resources.

Check Out Our Mind Workplace

The market is almost at saturation with options for applicant tracking software, making it more difficult to perfect a solution. However, the Mind Recruitment module from our Mind Workplace workforce management software stands out. It can help you streamline your requisition management, applicant tracking, candidate management, and onboarding.

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