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How Can MWP Be A Must-Have Workforce Management Solution for Enterprises?

How can MWP be a must have workforce management solution

Workforce management software is an excellent solution to optimizing your employee scheduling. However, with hundreds of available suppliers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to zero down on a workforce management software solution for your business.

Choosing the right workforce management software depends on many factors, such as the size of your business, the features you want in your software, and how software can be integrated into your existing system. Now, the workforce management software that works for a small business consisting of 40 people who mostly work on the field won’t be a good fit for a multilocation, multishift enterprise. For that, you need enterprise workforce management software that can cater to all your workforce management needs.

What features do you need in workforce management for your enterprise?

If you are looking for global enterprise workplace solutions for your business, then you should look for some key features that can benefit your

  1. Scheduling Tools

    An enterprise workforce management software program allows the individuals that make the schedules more effectively, resulting in greater productivity and less downtime is an essential feature for a multilocation, multishift business. With such software, one can gain insight into their workforce and learn about the areas of excellence of each employee excel in which places. They can use that information to schedule accordingly.

    The scheduling tool of Omind’s Mind WorkPlace WFM software allows you to take the qualifications, time preferences, and weekly availability of each employee and organize all of that information in the software before using it to improve their scheduling. This ensures better scheduling and a better schedule adherence rate.

  2. Ability to Use on Mobile

    Today people use mobile devices more than desktops. In this mobile-first age, where remote working is an unavoidable reality, workforce management software should be accessible on mobile devices so that employees can access the system when they are away from the office and at home. This will allow employees to access and provide information from both office and remote locations as per their convenience and situation. As a result, the WFM tool will play a major part in maintaining productivity, eliminating confusion, and ensuring that the jobs get done regardless of the location of the employees.

    For example – during the lockdown and self-quarantine situations when working from home is a necessity, employees can access their information seamlessly over mobile devices and provide information from wherever they are.

  3. Integration with Other Software

    If you already have workforce management software in place that is not very suitable for your big multilocation enterprise, you would like to switch to an enterprise workforce management software that can integrate with the existing system as well as robotic process automation solutions and other digital solutions to enhance its capabilities and provide the end-users with a more comprehensive experience.

    For example – your WFM software can integrate with payroll services, reporting services, and quality control services to consolidate as much information as possible, which ensures that your employee can perform tasks better and more quickly.

  4. Automated Reporting

    Workforce management software plays a major role in creating reports based on the data available. However, enterprise workforce management software will make creating reports a lot easier by automating this part of the process. With such software, it will be possible to create custom reports at any time, from anywhere. The managers and supervisors will be able to create these reports easily and promptly, ensuring better visibility of the things.

    For example – a global enterprise WFM solution can help you to automatically send reports to the various departments within your organization. These reports will be sent directly to certain managers who need them, eliminating the need for others to get involved. It will also ensure better data security.

  5. Multi-Platform Support

    In this age, when employees increasingly prefer a remote working environment, it is normal that an increasing number of employees will use their personal computers to do the work. This can cause certain applications and software problems as they may not be compatible with all the devices. An enterprise workforce management software solution should offer multi-platform support that allows employees to get the work done irrespective of the operating system (OS) they are using. It should also be mobile-friendly, allowing employees to access the data from their smart devices if necessary.

How does Mind Workplace fit the description of an enterprise workforce management software?

Omind’s ground-breaking WFM tool MindWorkPlace is designed to keep enterprises in mind. Besides being an excellent scheduling tool that can help you easily manage multilocation and multishift scheduling, ensuring greater productivity and efficiency among your employees.

The software can be accessed from mobile devices as well as in the office, allowing employees greater flexibility to access their data. With Mind WorkPlace, they can easily upload or fill in their data using a mobile device, ensuring no productivity loss during work hours.

Mind Workplace can easily be integrated with Robotic Process Automation Solutions, payroll software, and Quality Assurance software to ensure a better consolidation of information, which can then be used to make future decisions like loss of pay, training requirement etc.

Speaking of information accumulation through Mind Workplace, let’s add that the tool can be used by managers and supervisors for custom report generation. Your managers can request any custom report, and Mind WorkPlace will use automation to deliver the report specifically to them. This will help you increase efficiency and reduce the time required to get the required report.

Apart from these, Mind WorkPlace also offers multi-platform support, which is a prerequisite in a modern hybrid work environment. It can be accessed from any operating system, including that used in mobile devices. So, an employee working off-site, from home, or while traveling for business can easily access the information and reports from the WFM tool. Thus, it ensures better efficiency and allows employees to complete their tasks from anywhere.


To sum it all, Mind Workplace is the global enterprise workplace solution your enterprise needs. As the work environment continues to diversify and the line between a defined workplace and home blurs, you will need a versatile workforce management tool like MWP that will offer you a scope to manage a geographically diversified employee base and ensure optimum productivity and efficiency.

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