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Omind Technologies Wins Software Suggest Winter Recognition Awards 2022

Omind Technologies is excited to receive the prestigious SoftwareSuggest Winter Recognition Awards 2022 in the Best Meet Requirement Category. We are humbled by this recognition as a reputed digital transformation solution provider.

SoftwareSuggest is a reputed online platform that helps Businesses, Organizations & Professionals select the best software solutions as per their needs. As a well-known online resource for software information, their opinions and suggestions are valued by businesses and enterprises worldwide. Every Year they recognize several software providers they believe to be doing an exceptional job in terms of software offerings. Therefore, earning an award from them in the Best Meet Requirement category is very meaningful to us. It means that our software offering is ticking all the right boxes in our clients’ checklists.

Our Offerings

Omind Technologies offer a wide range of digital transformation solutions ranging from WFM tool to RPA and QA software. Our Mind WorkPlace Solution is an easy-to-use workforce management platform for small and medium enterprises to enable data-driven business outcomes. The platform consists of various modules for streamlining different processes and overcoming various operational challenges. Our Mind QA solution ensures 100% call audit through machine learning and a quick feedback mechanism. As a result, it can significantly reduce AHT, increase compliance adherence and CSAT scores, and overall cost-efficiency. Apart from these, we also offer RPA solutions, chat, and FAQ solutions.

Our Other Awards

Our software offerings have earned us several accolades in the past few years. For example, we have won the prestigious “The Most Impactful System Award” by Global Workforce Management Forum (GWFM) for two consecutive years. The award from SoftwareSuggest adds yet another feather to our hat.

The award from SoftwareSuggest is a stamp of approval that they believe our software offering to be exceptional and meet the business requirements the best possible way. Earning this award will positively impact the credibility of our offerings and boost our reputation.

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