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How to Select the Perfect Call Center Quality Assurance Software for Your Organization?

call center quality assurance software

Technology has seeped deep into the corporate sector, bringing automation to almost every aspect. As a result, call center quality assurance software has become a necessity for any modern organization. Gone are the days of complicated manual QA spreadsheets. Instead, contact centers looking to boost service quality are rooting for more sophisticated, technology-enriched centralized software.

The focus of the contact center industry is on providing superior user experience. And, therefore, providing quality service has become imperative. As a result, contact centers are investing more than ever in QA software to gain a competitive edge.

However, each team has a different criterion for quality, besides the huge number of QA software options. So, here is an easy guide you can follow to ensure you make the perfect choice for your call center quality management.

Must-have Features for Call Center Quality Assurance Software

Like most other software today, call center QA tools are improving in terms of complexity and capabilities at the same time. While these developments can be helpful in quality, sometimes simple is best.

First, you need to be sure of the features that the shortlisted QA software brings to the table and whether it fulfils all your requirements. Some of the most common requirements revolve around.

  • Helpdesk Integration:

    This feature should be non-negotiable. To ensure an effective QA process, your software must fully integrate with your chosen helpdesk or the channel you provide customer support with.

  • Multichannel:

    Some QA software can only monitor or analyze single channels, such as calls or email. For a holistic view of your quality management, your tool needs to be able to monitor all the channels simultaneously. This needs a tool that is fully customizable to fit your channeling needs.

  • Real-time data:

    Make sure your software can provide you with data and feedback in real-time. This will allow you to pinpoint problem areas immediately and improve them before they become routine.

  • Measurability:

    There’s no point in improving your service quality unless you can measure it. Your QA software should offer a customizable scoring and KPI system to define what quality means to your agents and quality managers.

  • CSV Export:

    Even though spreadsheets are now a thing of the past, they can be handy when presenting your quality metrics in an analytics report. A CSV export must avoid time-consuming transferring work before a presentation.

Standalone vs. Integrated

One of the most common factors often overlooked with call center quality assurance software is whether it is a standalone or an integrated tool. So, let’s know the difference it can make.


Standalone software only provides QA. These tools focus on the deeper details of the QA process while being disconnected from the other parts of the performance metrics.


A software that includes quality analysis as part of a wider performance package falls under an integrated system. These tools are often slightly less detailed than a standalone but give you a 360-degree performance overview with all your metrics in one place.

Scalability & Mobility

Growth is inevitable for any contact center with a successful customer service team. However, for teams working in a BPO, there is also a high chance that your colleagues are located across multiple regions and time zones. Therefore, when choosing a QA software, be sure to take into account your organization’s forecasted growth and ensure that your quality assurance software can facilitate features accordingly.


Another important element of choosing the most effective quality monitoring tool is whether it fits your budget or not. The pricing for QA software can typically range from free to $50 per agent/month or even more. However, like features, it is important to only pay for what you need to avoid unnecessary costs.

When evaluating the pricing of call center quality assurance software, there are a few important questions to ask:

  1. What is the pricing structure?
  2. Is it scalable?
  3. What is the assured ROI?

The answers to these will help you pinpoint the best value for money option and the perfect fit for your organizational requirements.

The Best Option for Your Organization

Omind Technologies’ quality assurance software helps customer service contact centers proactively improve service quality and provide real-time feedback within burning the finances over manual agents. Here are a few things you get:

  1. Multichannel quality monitoring
  2. Customizable scoring system
  3. Commenting feature to provide detailed feedback
  4. Real-time metrics and scorecard to track and report on progress

To know more about the Mind QA software, feel free to get in touch or leave an inquiry. We can help you with a free trial.

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