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Importance of Chatbots in Social Media– The Next-Gen Customer Support

Admire it or hate it; technology is here to automate just about everything possible and make our life easier. From banking services to booking rides – just a few clicks on your smartphone, and you are good to go! There are countless other examples of technology innovation and how customers have accepted it.

The marketing landscape is no different.

Customers constantly look forward to the next big widget to make communication or transaction with companies easier. AI chatbot software & solutions are the “simpler” alternative that customers are recently attracted to.

oMind Technologies has anticipated the futuristic trends towards Artificial Intelligence and has come up with automation and Artificial Intelligence solutions to boost productivity and resource efficiency.

Here, we will take you through the importance of AI chatbots as the next-gen customer support tool. So, let’s further our knowledge.

What is a chatbot?

AI chatbots are computer programs that can mimic human-like conversations are integrated into messaging apps. Basically, it is a chat interface with which website visitors can interact conversationally. Chances are, you have already used a live chatbot for websites. A live chat widget performs the same way as the ones integrated with chatbots. The only difference is the FAQ and answers are machine-fed. So, it won’t require a human to read and respond to familiar and basic questions.

AI chatbot software & solutions are powered with deep learning that familiarizes customer behavior, helping customer service departments deliver a more personalized experience to customers. Although many companies haven’t used chatbots yet, some already reap the advantages of this Artificial Intelligence chatbot.

Live chatbots for websites help users get from point X to Point Y as seamlessly as possible without waiting or feeling lost. In simple words, chatbots are guides helping customers find their way.

However, today, customer communication over multiple channels is crucial for business success. Hence, as a business, you must embrace the automation trend in customer support and deploy AI Chatbot software & solutions across different voice assistant tools, SMS/MMS, social media channels, and websites.

oMind’s chat solution also offers similar convenience that enriches customer communication. You can quickly be present with your messaging support where your customers are, not just to websites.

The trend towards automation in customer service

The tech-savvy generation prefers innovation that technology brings to communication channels. Until now, companies leveraged social media platforms to execute various campaigns for marketing to attract their target audience and lead them to the company’s websites.

However, with Artificial Intelligence chatbot seizing the limelight, all those efforts are directed towards chatbot integration in social media platforms. A popular example is Facebook and its Messenger app. How chatbots interact with the audience over social media platforms became the next big thing. Chatbots for social media platforms have become a hit since they can provide automated customer service, like answering critical questions, delivering basic info, and personalizing offers on the newsfeed. It will lead to better engagement and website traffic from social media.

Improved engagement through customer support

Many people have different enquiries for companies they do business with. Mostly, those questions are related to a product or service. However, customers also might seek a generation like when a particular product will come back in stock, an order-related inquiry or information regarding changed business hours, etc. Besides, a general rule of thumb for customer service success is to give customers options to contact across multiple channels. AI Chatbot software & solutions like Mind Chat from oMind Technologies can make the process of offering customer service flawless over multiple channels like social media, website chat, email or messaging apps, or customized platforms.

Customers can get an instant response when they contact the customer service team outside business hours. It is easy to integrate company’s FAQs list into a chatbot’s interface and provide faster, more accurate responses to common questions and better buying assistance.

Artificial intelligence solutions drive more engagements, as response time has reduced and customer care is no longer limited to a single channel.

It’s time to figure out if it’s time for your business to embrace this next-gen customer support trend.

If you still need a little more consultation that AI Chatbot software & solutions are good for your business, oMind Technologies can help! Give us a call and find out how our Mind FAQ and Mind Chat Solutions provide better customer support and improved experience.

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