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Hybrid Working Model in Omind: A Flexible Future in Workplace

Hybrid Working Model

Sonali Goswami, Transformation Services, Omind, says, “Hybrid work brings the best of both worlds for us. Long-term WFH can lead to a degree of isolation and disconnect. But WFO soothes them and brings the team together again, and we really appreciate the freedom and flexibility it offers.”

Soumi Bhandary, Chatbot Developer, Omind, stated that “Hybrid Working Model in Omind pulls out better productivity as the transport time as well as the peer breaks time got saved on WFH days, and I can work in my own comfort on those days. But WFH days save from the monotony of WFH and maintain a healthy work-life balance.”

Debayan Chakraborty, Senior Executive, Omind, says that “The hybrid working model helped me to maintain my productivity by providing a stable and healthy workplace.”

During the unanticipated pandemic situation phase, when the world was facing a global lockdown, organizations were forced to close down, and the employees had to continue their work from home. With this surge regarding taking remote working style to return to the office, the employers have found a middle way of considering hybrid working models to add flexibility to the employees. The hybrid model not only adds flexibility to the working culture and has also provided equal opportunities for learning and development.

In Omind, we have applied for a hybrid working model that helps add agility and flexibility to the workplace. We provide you with flexible working hours and rotational shifts at our employee’s convenience. With this flexible working model, we have noticed a considerable rise in the productivity of the employees. Although initially, employees found it difficult to adjust to the new work-from-home model, later, they got adjusted to it. Now, when we are moving towards a new normal, we have adopted a hybrid workplace model of the workplace. This hybrid working model integrated into Omind promoted transparency and trust within the workplace.

Hybrid Work

In addition, the hybrid model enhanced the collaborative workplace in Omind. It, therefore, reflected positively on the productivity, communication, problem-solving attitude, decision-making process, creativity, and relationships. It also helped increase employee productivity which also helped reduce overhead costs. In addition to this, with the hybrid model integrated into Omind, it helped improve visibility and transparency at the workplace. Along with this, it also helps in strong collaborative dynamics and working relationships with raised productivity and also helps evolve business continuity. In addition, the hybrid model helps improve employee work-life balance. It also helps to spend equal time on their professional and personal goals. Finally, the hybrid model drives toward uninterrupted learning and provides equal opportunities for your employees to grow.

As per our employees, the flexible hybrid model has increased job satisfaction levels and productivity at the workplace. Hence, in Omind, this hybrid model has proved to be a game-changing move. Apart from raised productivity, hybrid models help in better work relationships and also accelerate fluidity at the workplace. Moreover, this hybrid model provides improved transparency and flexibility to the employees.

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