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How QA Became The Way of Resilience for United States Industries in 2021?

Combloghow qa became the way of resilience for united states industries in 2021

The role of QA or quality assurance software in business is nothing new to unfold. However, its rise in demand has been witnessed since the COVID19 pandemic outbreak. It is not wrong to conclude that the deadly virus has brought the entire world to its knees, especially affecting the global economy to a wide extent. Consequently, many businesses have started adopting next-generation technologies, digital transformation strategies, and quality assurance services, bidding goodbye to the crisis.

A successful digital transformation always requires a proper QA. This has made the marketers reach out to the QA software providers and make necessary deployments. Here in this article, you will encounter how QA became the way of resilience for different US industries in 2021. This will give a clear understanding of the software and its application in different sectors.

How QA improves banking operations?

Digital payments were nothing new to the market. However, with the COVID19 hit, the demand for app-based payments and cashless transactions is more into recognition. If you talk about the recent statistics on digital payments, the global contactless payment market size is expected to rise from USD 10.3 billion in 2020 to USD 18 billion in 2025 with an 11.7% CAGR.

Innovative payment solutions are prioritized to ensure better customer experiences, whether the banking industry or financial institutions. Thanks to the QA software and solutions that have made digital payments so flawless.

Besides, QA is even introduced to simplify the banking contact center services. The contact center quality software makes sure the system offers high-quality customer support services.

How QA supports the healthcare industry?

Even the healthcare officials are looking forward to digitizing their operations so as to stay more focused on their core activities. In this crisis moment, when every medical and non-medical staff is attentive towards serving patients either remotely or in person, deploying digital tools and technologies has become imperative. The digital platforms ensure offering high-quality remote medical assistance, which eventually scales up the healthcare system and services for the brand. This is when QA comes in!

As the demand for healthcare digital systems surges, the need for QA automatically increases. The quality assurance software takes care of the digital health tools and platforms that play a significant role in delivering a smooth experience to the patients. It maintains the quality of the healthcare software and helps the brand to build high operational efficiency.

How QA speeds up the manufacturing and logistics functionalities?

The COVID19 has not even left the manufacturing and logistics industry to think about digital tools and advanced techniques when it comes to supply chain management and to build stronger marketing strategies. As a result, the companies are considering developing a cognitive supply chain that combines technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, cloud computing, etc.

Automation in manufacturing is thus inevitable. In order to perform a seamless operation and amplify the overall efficiency, businesses look for a QA solution from a reputed QA software provider. The software enables managers to make better business decisions by assessing the performance and productivity of the business.

How QA strengthens the telecom sector?

Telecom companies are now preferring digital systems over conventional communication mediums to connect with customers. It has taken no time to understand the importance of internet and digital transformation and their impact on consumers perceiving network services. Even the BPO and call centers are acquiring contact center quality software solutions to measure the performance and maximize the work capabilities.

Monitoring traffic changes and performing network optimization is essential to offer quality service and maintain top-notch performance. This is when telecom network testing gains more attention. The quality assurance software thus enables the CSPs to measure the overall performance, especially under high load circumstances.

How QA promotes the retail and ecommerce industry?

Ecommerce business and online shopping are nothing new to the market. However, the graph shows how exponentially it has progressed over time. Now talking about the AI implementations, as per Gartner’s report, 80% of retailers are planning to incorporate this new emerging technology across several business operations. The five key merchandising processes where artificial intelligence has been appreciated are – product development and selection, planning, buying, demand forecasting, allocation. No doubt, AI has turned the wheels of the business towards success.

To ensure no ecommerce business loses its customers, a QA software solution comes into the picture. It recognizes the issues and optimizes them immediately, allowing the business to run several business operations including inventory management, supply chain planning, and forecasting. This has given rise to the number of QA software providers in the market.

How QA enhances energy and utility functions?

By checking out the recent market analysis, the energy and utility market is expected to hit USD 3.41 billion this year with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.5%. In order to attain multiple business opportunities, automate complex business operations, and focus on better customer experiences, the industry has started adopting new emerging technologies and solutions. Since IT has become an integral part of this business, software quality assurance and testing contribute substantially to the overall process.

To bring out a cutting-edge technology solution, assessing the software quality at every stage of the development process is essential. This ensures the product generated is up to the mark and requires no further optimization based on business requirements. The utility and energy industry never misses out on this while implementing performance-driven applications.

What’s More?

Digital transformation, being one of the primary means for business survival, QA is experiencing greater limelight in today’s date. US Industries are constantly leveraging quality assurance software to survive in this crisis situation. Embracing this software and solutions, companies are adding a new dimension to their business.

OmindTech’s digital transformation and QA solutions have impressed the startups and the entrepreneurs a lot. Businesses are utilizing the testing software across several web portals and digital assets to add stability to their business growth and stay afloat in this competitive environment. For example, you can choose call center quality management software to assess the contact center’s performance. As a whole, QA is applicable for all digital solutions.

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