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5 Ways Employee Management Software Can Help Companies in A Post-pandemic World

Employee management software can help companies in a post pandemic world

As we enter the recovery phase of the pandemic, businesses are slowly rebuilding themselves to gear up for the post-pandemic age. But getting back to the pre-pandemic normalcy is still out of reach. So, in a time like this, businesses have to find their new normal and redefine their operations.

You can find an excellent example of how the new normal is challenging business operations by looking at the employee management system of most businesses. As you already know, employee management can make or break a company. However, in the post-pandemic era, employee management got a little more challenging.

With a large section of employees still working from home and some returning to the office, it is challenging to keep all of them engaged and help them perform at their optimum level. After months of remote working, most employees are confused, their morale is low, and the workflow is nowhere near where it should be.

In such a time, companies need to get their communication going, keep their goals clear and results measurable. While it seems a little overwhelming, doing so is possible with employee management software that can improve your workforce management efficiencies, engage your employees and make communication easier.

On top of that with Generation Z joining the workforce, companies also need to consider their needs – learning opportunities, minimum paperwork, and digital office communication. They also prefer flexible schedules that do not follow the typical 9 to 5 work culture. With mobile-first employee management software, it is possible to accommodate their needs and help them perform at their optimum level.

With automated, efficient workforce management software, your business can unleash the full potential of its greatest asset – your people. That is exactly what you need to turn your business around in this challenging time. In addition, employee management software like our award-winning MindWorkPlace can provide you with numerous benefits. These include:

Improved Workforce Management Efficiencie

Relying on manual processes to manage employees in the age of remote workforce can quickly turn into an administrative nightmare. Tracking information manually not only increases the chance for human errors, but it exposes you to many compliance risks. Also, suppose you’re using non-compatible software that forces you to switch between products and access multiple documents. In that case, it can lead to inaccuracy due to not using the most current data. Therefore, you need a fully unified employee management software like Mind Workplace that works for you, not against you. With this workforce management software, you’ll never need to import multiple files and re-key data across different platforms. MindWorkPlace is a fluid employee management framework that streamlines and simplifies every aspect of employee management.

Employee Engagement

Employee management software like MindWorkPlace also offers solutions to increase employee engagement and ultimately impact retention. Its various modules, such as Performance and surveys, provide a modern way to track and evaluate employee development. It allows you to work with your employees to establish goals, make them feel valuable, and create a path for their success. Unfortunately, studies show that 70% of employees in an organization are unengaged. So, having an engagement tool that can help your employees reconnect with your company after a challenging period is not a nice to have feature; it’s a necessity. Besides, workforce management software can ensure a steady flow of digital communication that helps your company disseminate information and gather employee opinions without hassle, making the communication process easy, prompt, engaging, and effective.

Securing Employee Information

In recent times, HR databases have become a prime hacking target as these databases contain Social Security numbers, check stubs, bank account information, and personal information. Failing to protect such critical information can prove very costly.
Still relying on paper files and spreadsheets to keep sensitive data? It is a disaster waiting to happen. Just think what can happen if the information falls into the wrong hands. That is why you need human resource management software that provides you with specific security measures, multi-factor authentication, and data encryption to keep your employees’ information safe. In an age where the remote workforce will be a part of our reality, companies can no longer take information handling lightly.

HR Data Analytics & Metrics

HR departments these days are turning to data to find insights and solve key business challenges like turnover, attendance, tardiness, overtime, and headcount. With the correct data there is a huge opportunity for companies to make more informed decisions. For example, you can find that a department with a high employee turnover rate. It will allow you to dig deeper and do a root cause analysis – whether it is a management issue or a problem with employee engagement. With data analytics from your employee management software, you can find an answer to these questions, develop solutions, and measure results that can your bottom line and help your management team make informed decisions armed with correct data and key action items.

Minimize Compliance Risk

Did you know that failing to produce a complete I-9 form or other substantive violation during an audit can lead to a penalty of up to $2,292 per violation? With such increased number of regulations and audits of companies, it has become more critical than ever to know the requirements and adequately manage regulations so you can steer clear of litigation. With workforce management software like MindWorkPlace, you can document and access information from anywhere at any time. That means, providing complete I-9s, and other compliance and tax documents to auditors can be done in few clicks.

These are some of the key benefits of a modern employee management software. It can help you get accurate insights on your employees throughout their lifecycle, secure information, and make data-driven decisions that can change the course of your organization and lead you to business success during and beyond the pandemic.

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