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Boost Employee Productivity with Quality Management Software

Quality Management Software

The importance of employee productivity tracking is at an all-time high. Reason? The major pandemic that we have overcome has made remote working a necessity. And it is only due to this that tracking employees’ efficiency and productivity on a remote setup has become imperative.

The QMS (quality management software) market had a global cap of USD 8.72 billion in 2021. What’s even more interesting is the market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 10.4% between 2022 and 2030. But is this whopping growth justified?

We bet it is, and we can show you how! Here are some important advantages quality management software can bring to your business. Read on!

  • Automated Project Time Tracking

    A comprehensive quality management software has an integrated project management dashboard. Such a tool helps manage project timelines, resources, and quality scores. For example, QMS can track each employee’s time on a project and create a real-time report in the dashboard. It also provides clear insights for the managers on the progress of the project and individual contribution from the employees.

  • Seamless Remote Employee Management

    Monitoring remote employees is one of the most significant benefits of quality management software that organizations can use. However, managing remote employees is challenging for startups yet to adopt digital transformation.

    On the flip side, there is no hassle with remote employee monitoring with quality management software. Every aspect of employee productivity, including activity time, total hours, login, logout, etc., are tracked and reported on a centralized dashboard. This adds transparency and ease of communication between project management, team leaders, and their respective remote employees.

  • Real-time Reports on Employee Performance

    Generating real-time reports is one of the USPs of quality management software. It can track the activities of in-house and remote employees and offer insights into their activities and efficiency over a visual layout.

    Take the example of our quality management software, Mind QMS. It offers a customizable dashboard filled with graphical representations of agent productivity reports. These productivity reports help managers analyze the performance of the employees. With these reports, organizations can determine which of their employees are underproductive and design feedback and training sessions.

  • Easy Project Evaluation

    Respective project managers can have a better view of the project’s progress and quality. A QMS creates a centralized dashboard for both the employees as well as the QA agents. So, the comprehensive view of the dashboard shows productivity for both positions, allowing managers to leverage deadlines, completion, and quality.

A Quick Selection Guide to Quality Management System

Now that we are done highlighting the most crucial benefits of integrating an automated quality management solution for your business let’s move on to knowing the most effective tips to choose one for your organization.

  • Clear Communication between Departments

    Transparent communication is a must for every organization, especially between departments. It allows the smooth running of projects while giving a clear picture of the roles and responsibilities of every contributor. Also, the software should be transparent about quality issues and where each of the employees stands.

  • Should Put Focus on CSAT

    Brands can achieve a high CSAT score by offering excellent products and maintaining great customer service. Both aspects together create a satisfying experience for the clients and customers. In addition, many QMS can offer to track and analyze customer feedback, creating a way to identify areas of improvement.

  • Real-time Reports

    Good quality management software should offer an automated dashboard with comprehensive reporting on various metrics. Furthermore, the reports should be easily readable in various graphical forms, like pie charts, bar graphs, etc.

    The more visual elements are used instead of text, the easier it is for managers and decision-makers to decipher the numbers.

  • Scope for Improvement

    Before getting a QMS for your organization, you must ensure that the tool offers scope for improvement. The ideal solution is for the quality analysts the option to upload audio feedback to the agents via the portal.

    Audio feedback can be more effective than written feedback and saves time. Plus, it also adds a personal touch to the feedback and creates high chances for the agents to understand.

The Final Story

Quality management is a very crucial element behind the success of a brand in customer service operations. However, it is important to ensure that you adopt digital transformation from a manual setup to reach the greatest productivity level for your employees and agents.

We’ll give you a solution; try Mind Quality, a comprehensive QMS tool that offers better insights into your business process and project management. With features like customizable audit sheen ats and an automated dashboard, our solutions are the most effective solution you could get for your organization.

Give it a try; contact us for a free demo of our tool!

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