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How Employee Onboarding Software Will Drive Recruitment in 2022

Employee Onboarding Software

The manual hiring process, prior to the use of recruitment software, was lengthy and complicated. The heaps of spreadsheets and emails made the entire process drab and prone to errors. The major issues with this were the high time-consumption and missed opportunity to acquire talent.

Such a miss on the onboarding process can have a negative impact on business productivity and growth. Implementing proper employee onboarding software, that works in automation, can help businesses ramp up their hiring quality while reducing the timeline.

Technology can be a game-changer because it lets recruiters ensure that only the most qualified candidates are hired for open positions. Plus, statistically speaking, a strong onboarding campaign can increase the new hire retention rate by 82%.

Now, that being the perfect buildup to employee onboarding software, let’s move ahead and talk about the trends that will drive this industry in 2022.

  • Importance of Omnichannel Onboarding Will Become Non-negotiable

    Omnichannel communication methods became extremely popular in the eCommerce sector. Its main objective was to boost customer satisfaction and provide a smooth purchasing experience over multiple platform. However, as digital interactions began to overtake all aspects of everyday life, omnichannel interactions became the norm, and the same goes for the employment process as well.

    Potential recruits expect to get a necessary document over an automated interaction portal, submit it on the interface, receive a signed copy on their email, and receive updates on the status via WhatsApp. These conveniences have become a big part of the onboarding trends in 2022. The need for interaction flexibility is at an all-time high. Organizations that can provide a flawless onboarding experience with new employee onboarding software can benefit greatly.

  • Ability to View and Track the Onboarding Process is Critical

    The HR recruiting team is responsible for ensuring that critical actions, like email ID creation, pay detail verification, welcome kit, and access to various tools, are completed on schedule during the onboarding process itself. Traditional workflows, on the other hand, keep organizations in the dark about the status of these tasks. This can be a major cause for concern since delays in these onboarding procedures can impact the experience and result in resignation.

    Organizations should invest in technology that can let them monitor all crucial onboarding operations in real time. Every business needs dashboards that explain information, like the number of issues raised, resolution time, and accountable parties.

  • Prioritizing the Preboarding Experience Will Be Necessary

    If you broaden the “onboarding process, there is a greater focus on pre-onboarding. With potential employers simply a LinkedIn search or recommendation away from the applicants, the period between offer confirmation and the first day is becoming a deciding factor in whether or not to accept an offer.

    What makes the difference is how well the managers align their team’s culture with the talent’s life goals. This is as per onboarding and staffing trends in 2022.

  • All Departments Involved Should Function Seamlessly

    AI automation solutions is assisting recruiting managers and HRs in tracking onboarding operations and employee onboarding patterns for 2022 across departments. So, a seamless system of collaboration is required to keep things running smoothly in case of remote working. If the distribution kit includes electronics such as a laptop, the logistics department must trace the item and notify the IT staff when it arrives to the onboarded employee.

    Upon arrival, designated IT professionals can contact the new recruit and assist with system setup. On the other hand, when a new employee calls the IT team, having a designated IT team member answer with the name is a positive experience. It also demonstrates that the organization pays close attention to each individual employee.

2022 is a Big Leap in the Future of Onboarding

Employee onboarding software trends for 2022 show that hybrid working styles are here to stay. By 2023, it is predicted that 25% of all professional positions in North America would be remote. Moreover, the workforce is expected to diversify in an unprecedented way. Modern businesses are a combination of viewpoints and ideologies, from Gen Zs joining the workforce to millennials and Gen X rising through the ranks to become managers and C-suite executives.

HR managers must adopt a fail-safe strategy for their efforts. The emphasis must be on characteristics that are important to potential employees, such as accessibility, culture, and personal development.

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