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Simplify Employee Onboarding Process with Automated WFM Solutions

Comblogemployee onboarding process with automated wfm solutions

Recruitment and onboarding are the two back-to-back inevitable operations of every organization. Undoubtedly, it takes hours to recruit an appropriate talent and familiarize the new hire with the organization’s culture and environment. All this is going to end if you start choosing digitally advanced software solutions for the recruitment and employee onboarding process.

After every tiring and time-consuming process of recruitment comes employee onboarding. Though many companies are shifting their traditional approach of hiring talents to the digital hiring concept, they are paying less attention to the implementation of employee onboarding software. Many of us feel that employee onboarding doesn’t take enough time, hence does not require such investment. However, they are yet to figure out that automated WFM software solutions are there to simplify every tedious and routine task.

Won’t you be happy if you get more time to focus on other core business activities?

That’s why you need employee onboarding software!

In this article, we are going to focus on how an AI-driven tool can streamline your HR onboarding process.

Table of contents

  • A brief insight into employee onboarding.

  • What is the employee pre-onboarding process?

  • A few onboarding statistics to cover

  • What makes the automated employee onboarding process so important?

  • What are the key features of an employee onboarding software?

  • Simplify HR onboarding process with right employee onboarding software

A brief insight into employee onboarding

Employee onboarding, as we know, is the immediate step required to acquaint the new hires with the work culture, company policies, industry regulations, and office environment. During this process, many companies even run training and development programs to get accustomed to the new tools and technologies used by them.

Usually, employee onboarding takes a day or two to complete the necessary paperwork and understand the business workflow. However, studies have defined that the employees take more than a month to get familiarized with the company’s process.

What is the employee pre-onboarding process?

If you go in-depth, every employee onboarding process has a pre-onboarding segment. The primary objective of pre-onboarding is to have some friendly chats, making the new hires comfortable with the environment. Communication is always the best way to make the person feel good about the people around them. You can start with sharing personal information followed by professional backgrounds and so on. This particular process is very necessary if you want to retain the talents and generate high productivity.

A few onboarding statistics to cover

Let us highlight a few statistics on employee onboarding. This will help build a strong concept of why you need automated WFM software solutions. The following stats and facts are based on Finances Online’s Research.

  • 54% of companies with powerful employee onboarding programs have experienced higher employee engagement.

  • Companies have attained a 25% employee retention rate due to good onboarding programs.

  • 77% of employees undergoing formal onboarding process succeeded in achieving performance goals.

  • Onboarding programs are good at improving employee retention rates by 25%.

The data mentioned above shows how dominating the employee onboarding program is.

What makes the automated employee onboarding process so important?

Employee onboarding is certainly the most significant business operation. It is challenging until you automate the entire process. Here’s why it is important.

  1. Time-effectiveness: Automating the new employee onboarding process can save a huge time for other activities. Saving time, you can actually get the chance to spend on other important tasks that are more relevant to the business.

    Every leader looks for some time out of their busy schedule to park their car at a desiring destination. Even if you think about it from a business point of view, they look for a fresh mind to consider business priorities.

    Manual onboarding takes plenty of time. However, with automated software, you can enjoy a faster onboarding process.

  2. Eliminate manual errors: Employee onboarding involves dealing with multiple papers and documents. Entering data and validating employee details are the parts of this HR onboarding process. Therefore, when you are performing the entire task manually, you are turning the process more vulnerable to risks. Thanks to these automated systems for reducing the chance of these manual errors and eliminating the risks completely. Instead, the tool identifies the errors on time and generates results with 100% accuracy.

  3. Better productivity: We have already found how onboarding leads to better productivity in the statistics section. This becomes more prominent when you have a proper tool to handle the HR process. Productivity is always the primary requirement for every business. Since the automated system saves plenty of time from the onboarding process, managers instantly get enough time to develop the knowledge and skillsets of the team members. This creates a chance for the managers to build the productivity level again.

  4. Easy access to employee details: Another advantage of using online employee onboarding software is easy to access to employee details. Usually, the process involves sharing personal details, professional details, educational information, and many more. For a manager, it is tiring and, at the same time, challenging to bring out the required data in no time. This is when you need software. The tool has a single database where all the employee details are loaded. This allows users to fetch the required field of data at any time.

What are the key features of an employee onboarding software?

An ideal employee onboarding system must have the following features to successfully run the employee onboarding process. Keep reading to find the best solution for your HR process.

  1. Customized offer letter: An automated employee onboarding or WFM software should have a separate option for customizing and generating offer letters. Instead of asking the recruiters every time about an offer letter, you can use the automated tool to generate one the moment the manager selects a potential candidate.

  2. Easy management approval: The software solution should even have the flexibility for easy management approval. Getting approval from the management at the last step is very crucial and even time-taking. There are times when you need to put the candidate on hold just because you failed to connect with the management team. With this tool, you can automate the entire process and ensure a smoother onboarding function in the organization.

  3. Document verification: One of the key segments of onboarding employees in the organization is verifying documents. During this process, the recruiters ask the employees to share relevant information like personal details, bank details, educational certificates, professional documents, and many more. Definitely, you want all these documents to be verified. The automated tool verifies and checks the authenticity of the documents without putting any manual effort.

  4. Single employee database: A web-based employee database loads all the details of every individual who joins the organization. Instead of maintaining a traditional register and banging your head on walls while searching for the required detail, the tool enables the users to fetch information whenever they want. Access the database and use the data as required.

Simplify HR onboarding process with right employee onboarding software

Company productivity and employee performance highly depend upon employee morale. The better the employee experience, the better the impact on business results will be. The best way to have a healthy work environment is to create strong employee bonding and keep them engaged with the organization. Hence, what you need is flawless onboarding!

Look for the right employee onboarding software or a one-stop WFM software with a separate onboarding feature. This will help you to digitize the entire process and ease out the manual efforts on the employee onboarding process.

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