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Features You Should Look for in AI Chatbot Software

AI Chatbot Software

The origin of chatbots was a little shaky, and you have undefined technological implementations to blame. However, post the bumpy start, the sophistication of technology in artificial intelligence and machine learning, the market for AI chatbot software has skyrocketed.

Just a couple of years back, AI-powered chatbot software slowly started flooding eCommerce startups and had become a significant inclusion in their multi-channel CX endeavors. Given the technology at disposal, the AI chatbots seeped deep into multiple industries, including both B2C as well as B2B.

Now, while we are at it, let’s move ahead and discuss the features of modern chatbot systems. Let’s start!

1. Artificial Intelligence Built-in

Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots are capable of human-like conversations, both inbound and outbound. Getting things right is the hot topic of competition among companies in highly competitive sectors.

However, chatbots have still not reached the technological stage where they can replicate human touch, though the days of sentiment and speech analysis over chat aren’t far away. You will still find chatbots powered by sentiment analysis to translate human emotions into AI and respond to queries accordingly.

2. Chatbot API

Integrating an AI chatbot software with their current communication channels helps brands go further and achieve more than what customer service generally allows. For example, brands can rely on chatbot API to extract data from various tools, like databases and CRM to boost customer conversation.

Moreover, the Conversational AI Platform can use existing templates and emojis, which can bring a human touch and make the conversation visually appealing.

3. Easy Customization

Every business is different. They have different integrations, apps, workflows, etc. This brings in the need for a customized chatbot system for them. Multiple AI-powered chatbot software providers develop built-to-order suites after evaluating the POCs and in-depth requirements. What’s not, post the deployment, the developer will also help customize other titbits, like logins, security, integrating with the local CRM and servers, etc.

Thanks to AI incorporation, chatbots are designed to collect user data and information based on customer needs, sentiments, and behavioral patterns. Since the system already has stored information if there is a repeat customer. So, from greetings to the tone of the conversation, everything is pre-defined in the communication pattern.

4. WhatsApp Channel Integration

With over two billion users and a high open rate of 98%, WhatsApp is the top channel for brands for all promotional activities and customer conversations. Both small and established brands use WhatsApp Chatbot integration to generate leads, ease customer communication and support, answer repetitive questions, etc.

Ecommerce stores showcase their entire product portfolio, push in new launches and events, discount offers, etc., all through their automated chatbot process on WhatsApp. And who would have known the instant messaging platform, mostly targeted at personal use, would be able to replicate email marketing to become a more lucrative source of promotion and lead generation?

5. Easy Deployment for Multiple Channels

Understanding customer behavior pattern is easy to decode – they try to connect with the brand for feedback, queries, and support in any way possible. They will call you, email your support handle, speak to a chat support representative, DM on Instagram, text on WhatsApp, etc. So, such behavior requires just one effective solution –

Omnichannel approach!

So, even if WhatsApp is your most effective channel, your customer will have a sense of reliability and trust in your brand if they are assured that you are everywhere, on all platforms. So, whether they message you the query on WhatsApp or Facebook, they can reach you.

And, of course, since the AI chatbot software is integrated with your CRM, it will capture the data right on the first instance of contact. Then, any follow-ups will be notified to the agent handling the ticket accordingly.

In Conclusion

Now, having discussed the various features you should look for in chatbot software, the question is, where to get hold of such advanced chatbot software?

Fret not; you’ll get one from Omind Technologies itself. The Mind Chat AI chatbot software can integrate multiple channels on your business handle and ease communication with NLP and sentiment analysis.

And besides just a chatbot system, you can also check out our range of AI enterprise solutions, including Mind QA (call center quality assurance software), Mind RPA (robotic process automation), etc. Contact us to learn more or book a free demo.

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