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4 Tips to Make Your Ecommerce Chatbot Your Most Powerful Tool This Shopping Season

Comblog4 tips to make your ecommerce chatbot your most powerful tool this shopping season

This year, like the previous year, the holiday season will be a little different. With fewer customers visiting physical stores, the rest will rush to different eCommerce websites to buy gifts for themselves. So, your eCommerce business has a great chance to boost sales this holiday season. First, however, you need to get ready to engage your visitors the moment they come on your website and turn them into customers. A good eCommerce chatbot solution can help. You can optimize your eCommerce chatbots to improve customer experience, engagement, and, hopefully, conversion rates.

Here are four tips that can help you improve CX during the 2021 shopping season.

    1. Set up engaging greetings

      You can use a compelling greeting right above your minimized chat widget to welcome visitors in a non-intrusive way. However, they can also do more than that. They can grab a visitor’s attention, allowing you a chance to engage them in a chat and promote your offers.

      For example, messages like “Covid sucks, our food don’t! XXX is open for takeaways” can easily grab your visitors’ attention, engage them, and tell you about your offers.

      Chatbot solutions can be programmed into showing different types of messages to different types of users. For example, you can park a greeting to offer customer support on the checkout pages to instruct customers on how to proceed if issues occur. As a result, it can reduce the number of support calls and emails and cart abandonment.

      You can even use a custom greeting to promote special offers or provide discounts to customers who used a referral link to visit your store. This way, simply by customizing your welcome messages, you can improve CX and boost chat engagement.

    1. Personalize the shopping experience through product recommendations

      Ecommerce sites offer customers a wide variety of choices that physical stores often fail to offer. On the other hand, undecided eCommerce shoppers often get overwhelmed by the multitude of choices and leave online stores. Personalized product recommendations sent through a chatbot can save the situation. In addition, they help to close the personalization gap affecting eCommerce businesses. Studies show that more than 70% of customers expect brands to understand their needs. Customized product suggestions via chatbots allow you to meet these expectations.

      shopping Ecommerce call center

      When a chatbot manages to get a customer’s attention, it can ask them a set of questions that help to find the correct offers that suit the customer’s preferences. After finding matching products, your eCommerce bot can show them to the customer in carousel form, making them feel taken care of and compelled to purchase.

      Once a customer buys a recommended product, your chatbot can facilitate cross-selling by suggesting related products. Customers that opt for personalized recommendations are more likely to become a repeat customer.

    1. Give attractive discounts

      Conversational chatbot solutions can help you promote and distribute your discounts to incentivize customers to make more purchases. In addition, the chatbot can spice up the shopping experience by offering different discounts to different customer segments like new users, referral users, return customers etc, and complement the customer’s buying journey.

      You can also give customers discounts in exchange for completing your feedback surveys or providing their email addresses. ChatBot solutions allow you send to collected data to your CRM or email marketing software. You can use that data in your future marketing activities.

    1. Ensure a positive shipping experience with package tracking

      Ensuring a positive delivery experience is just as vital as the product you offer. 39% of consumers admit they wouldn’t purchase from a store again after a disappointing shipping experience. However, when vendors manage your package delivery services, you don’t have much control over its speed or quality. However, you can let customers know when their packages will show up at their doorstep.

      chatbot software solutions

      An AI-powered ChatBot solution like MindChat allows your customers to track their packages whenever they need to. The customer needs to provide their order number so that the Bot can verify their delivery status. Thanks to that, your customers will feel calmer knowing when their packages are arriving. Plus, your support service team doesn’t need to get involved in managing questions that don’t require human intervention.

Make the most of your eCommerce chatbot this shopping season.

The holiday shopping season is a challenging time for eCommerce businesses. With proper planning and an awesome AI chatbot solution onboard, you can rise to this challenge. Start customizing your chatbot as per your business need to minimize the number of issues requiring human intervention. Making chatbot a part of your brand experience will help you effortlessly focus on your customers and improve conversion rates.

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