Mind QA Software Helps Leading Insurance Companies

Our call center QA software helps a leading dental insurance company collect customer research data based on various KPI metrics to implement 100% accuracy of its market insights. Find out how we did it!

Quality Assurance Software in Medical Insurance

OUR Case Studies

Hr Fuction With Mind Workplace

Mind Workplace Streamlines Workforce Management and Human Resource Functions

Our Mind Workplace human resource and workforce management software reduces the time spent on core HR functions and recruitment by 71%...

Productivity Analysis

Mind Workplace Enhances Employee Resource Management with Mind Efficiency

The Mind Efficiency module from our Mind Workplace workforce management software automates leave application, scheduling..

Performance of Employees

Enhancing Performance And Revenue Impact With Mind QA

Check out how our Mind QA tool helped improve the performance of collections and improved the revenue impact...

Conversion Rate Improving

Improving Conversion Rate With Mind QA

Discover how our Mind QA tool helped increase net conversion and significantly drop the cancellation rate for...

Increasing Revenue

Boosting Revenue by Integrating Mind QA Automated Quality Assurance Software

Renowned health and supplement brand increases its revenue by streamlining training and technological challenges...

Time Management

Improving AHT And Customer Experience Using Mind FAQ

Check out how our Mind FAQ tool helped bring down the AHT and improve capacity to ensure better customer support...

Help With Time Management

Improving AHT With The Help Of Mind FAQ

Find out how our Mind FAQ tool helped reduce AHT by 15% and improved the call handling capability of the agents...

AI Voicebot

Multi-lingual Voice Bot

Omind Technologies’ develops customized interaction tool for a leading nationalized bank’s customer...