Social Listening & Analytics

Boost digital engagement and CX with our social media management, monitoring, listening and analytics tool.

Social Listening & Analytics

Improve Digital Engagement and Boost CX With Social Media Management Tool

As customers become increasingly digitally savvy, delivering a positive customer experience across digital platforms has become essential for businesses. With our social media management platform, you can increase customer engagement across 15+ Social Channels. The Omnichannel Social Listening Tool can help you monitor social media channels, gather important customer insight and feedback, and manage reviews across the platforms.

This Omni-Channel CX tool is the best social media management tool that helps brands automate customer service operations over digital channels and increase productivity to improve CX deliveries. It offers a truly cross-platform approach over multiple non-voice channels, including all the major social media platforms. It is developed to offer in-depth insights into review management. It is a 100% customizable solution, from concept to completion & deployment.


Manage Multiple Social Profiles at One Go

Our social listening and review management software can help you manage multiple social profiles across various social channels, taking away the stress and time involved in managing those social profiles manually. It is one of the best tools for social media managers.

What You Get with Our Omnichannel CX and Social Media Management Software

15+ Social Channel Management

Our online social media monitoring tool enables you to manage your social profiles across 15+ social channels, along with social media mention tracking, to gain valuable customer insights.

Improved Reputation Management

Our omnichannel customer experience management platform helps you track social media mention across 15+ social channels. This way, you can ensure better brand reputation management with this online reputation management tool.

Faster and Effective Review Management

We help you capture and engage with reviews across Google Business, Google Play, Amazon App Store, and other popular ecommerce sites through our omnichannel review management tool. We even send automated responses to reviews for greater CSAT.

Why Choose Our Social Listening Tool

Our customer experience management platform brings much more than social listening and review management. We use technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to ensure better social media and review management.

15+ Social Media Network Coverage

Coverage across 15+ key social networks, messaging apps, live chat, and emails

Bot Deployment Across Channels

Use public and private bots to improve FTR across channels and personalize one-on-one interactions before transferring to agents.

Complete Analytics On CX & Care

Our social media management tool helps you measure your brand's and competitors' page performance. Our channel insights offer quick insights across the social media accounts of your business and that of your competitors.


Integration With CRM Systems With API

The social media listening tool can be seamlessly integrated with CRM and WFM systems using open APIs

Easy Escalation Management

It can help you manage escalations quickly and effectively, leading to more outstanding CSAT scores.

50% Response Time Improvement

The social media mention tracking and automated management of social media accounts can improve your response time by 50%, remarkably improving AHT and CSAT scores.


Our Social Media Management Software Serves Various Industry Verticals



Our omnichannel CX social media management software has helped several businesses from the IT/ITES industries. The review management and social listening tool streamlines all reviews across 15+ social platforms and offer automated review response to better social response.



Retail and e-commerce companies that needed a social listening tool to improve customer interaction across various social channels have found our omnichannel CX software to be perfect for eliminating poor practices and improving CSAT.


Travel and Hospitality

Our social media management tool is one of the best social listening tools for travel and hospitality businesses. It helps businesses improve customer experience by improving their digital engagement.



Our social media listening tool can be an efficient review and response management tool for healthcare providers and payers alike. Many of our healthcare clients have benefited from implementing it in their CRM.



Our social media management software for utility businesses helps them improve customer experience across 15+ social channels. The omnichannel CX platform has helped several of our utility clients enhance their digital customer service offerings.



With our social media management tool, our BFSI clients have been able to streamline their customer communications across various social platforms, improving response time and delivering a better customer experience and saving both time and cost of operations.