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Digitize your HR system with our human resource management software.

Human Resource

Automate And Simplify Your Key HR Operations With Human Resource Management Software

As Human Resource Management evolved as a leading strategic component for organizations, choosing the right Human Resource Management Software is critical to empower and engage your employees. Being a Human Resource Management Software Provider We atOmind Technologiessimplify HR operations by automating traditional HR processes and driving tangible business outcomes across functions. Now, you can focus on your employees without wasting time navigating around dozens of systems or worrying about implementing future HR changes.

It’s time to redefine employee experience onboard with Omind HRM software. It comes with multiple features and functions like Attendance and time tracking, productivity measurement with Efficiency X, centralized employee database, employee self-service option, centralized FAQ knowledgebase, HR modules to manage Recruitment, Leave, employee satisfaction, referrals, IT declaration, salary slip, Real-time QA monitoring. It also acts as an interactive platform for event announcements and organizational notifications that all employees can access from different locations.


An Excellent Human Resource Management Software to Improve Customer Experience

Your One-in-All HR Management Software

If you look after your employees, they will look after your customers. It is simple. So, the most important resource in your organization is the staff. Omind HRM software provides a first-rate HR experience by helping automate simple processes. Whether you want to track PTO or needpayroll processing software for accountants, you get all of the features you need for seamless employee management.

Thousands of businesses across the globe are benefitting from Human Resource Management Software. When are you getting yours?

As Omind Tech is a leading Human Resource Management Software Provider and our HRM is easy to configure and can be customized as per your business needs. Give Us A Call at +1 (866) 581-0038 to Know More!

Employees development and performance management

Omind Employee Management Software doubles asperformance management softwarethat helps with employee development. You can form a more well-trained and effective workforce and improve employee retention by engaging them.

Keeping track of employee development is yet another advantage of our HR management software. It can be used for log performance reviews, L&D Programs registration, and training courses scheduling.

Employee Management Software - Self-Service Portal

With Omind Employee Management Software, HR professionals can reduce the likelihood of errors and miscommunication with self-service portals. It streamlines communication and processes for approval. When you facilitate employees to access their own information and give them some degree of control, it promotes engagement and empowerment. Many functions can be included as a part of self-service, from accessing a centralized knowledge base to IT declaration submission. It can be instrumental in boosting employee productivity, HR processes and administration.

Electronic Employee Database

If misplacing information in large filing cabinets is a consistent problem for your HR department, electronic storage of employee databases can solve this problem. Omind Employee Manage Software is a customizable Human Resource Management Software that can store employee information electronically. It makes recording, storing, and finding employee information a breeze. Electronic data can be better used for strategic analysis.

Automated Payroll System

Get payroll processing software for accountants that can save your company the trouble of outsourcing. You can integrate in-house payroll features directly to employee info such as attendance and work hours, which gives you more control over payroll administration. It also eliminates payroll calculation-related errors. Make paydays a piece of cake with Omind HRM!..

Secured Human resource management software

Improved security is a considerable advantage of Omind’s Human Resource Management Software. It protects your sensitive employee data from data breaches or cyber theft. You can securely access your data from anywhere using your device or PC. Our HR software gives you complete information management solution from tracking who reads what to increasing employee management efficiency by minimizing paperwork. It will also help you meet compliances.

Omind HRM Software Features

Our Employee Management Software gives you the liberty to customize the features you require. In order to select the best features, you first should see what features you get:

HR Information Database

Keeps all of the employee information streamlined and easy to access in a virtual filing cabinet

Employee Self

Service allowing users to view and download salary slips, edit and update employee profile/ important details, apply for leaves, submit resignation, take part in organizational surveys, read company policies and messages on Shoutbox and view schedule information

Performance management software

Efficiency X helps in productivity management with browser tracking and on-demand access to screenshots from the user’s system

Recruiting and On-boarding options

Available progression, requisition code, job description, new designations available, applied progression and other fields help filter applicants and transfer information when existing employees apply for open positions within your organization


Attendance, break, scheduling, and login/ log out hour tracking with different productivity module

A central knowledgebase and FAQ module to walk employees through Company Policies and simplifying steps for HR administration

Employee satisfaction tracking through Happiness Survey, Referral policies, Recruitment and Leave tracking, Employee exit, F&F, Performance Improvement Plan and IT declaration

Help desk

Technical help desk and chat option for quick issue resolution

Employee Development

Our Human Resource Management Software offers and L&D programs L&D registration modules.

Interactive platform for event announcements, employee engagement calendar, organizational notifications, pop-up messages

Industries We Serve

Check out the industries preferring human resource management software over traditional HR methodologies.



Our human resource management software has benefited the IT/ITES clients in reducing their HR work pressure and improving their team’s productivity. Our software performs a comprehensive range of tasks, from streamlining the performance appraisal system to simplifying the complex HR operations.



Online retailers prefer investing more in our HR management software instead of focusing on traditional HR methodologies. We help them to stay more focused on boosting productivity and sales rather than working on HR operations.



Handling HR operations is a challenging job for manufacturing clients. This is when they look for our HR management software to automate complex and repetitive HR operations.



Our healthcare clients find the HR management software and solutions pretty impressive. By automating the HR tasks, they get the flexibility to stay more focused on their core medical activities.



The energy and utility industry is using our human resource management software to improve its HR functionalities. These include handling workforce queries, calculating payroll, addressing issues, tracking attendance, and so on.



Banking and finance institutions are leveraging our human resource management software and solutions to handle the recruitment and onboarding process, tracking time in and time out, automating payroll, and much more.

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