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Reduce your HR efforts by automating the recruitment process with our HR Recruitment software.

Mind Recruitment

Provides you with a powerful, flexible human resource management software package

When managing a global workforce, you must focus on delivering quality or building culture. Our workforce management software provides you with a powerful, flexible human resource management software package that structure and streamlines many aspects of HRs, from recruitment and onboarding to training, leaves, absence, and holiday management to performance. Mind Workplace is easy to configure and can be customized as per your business needs. It offers you benefits like proven practice workflows and announcements, accurate reporting, and better compliance methodologies.


Streamline The Recruitment Process With HR Recruitment Software

The HR recruitment software solutions influence the human resource team to a vast extent. From improving the candidate experience to increase HR employee engagement, the software proves to be efficient in all aspects.

MIND Payroll Save time and Reduce Errors

Our propriety payroll processing software for accountants provides you to automate labour-intensive payroll tasks such as – calculations, tax withholding, digital payments and paper checks. Apart from that, our payroll software for accountants lets you store all your employee information in our web-based interface, minimizing the errors that can occur due to repetitive data entering.

MIND Payroll has an online payroll system for seamless integrationg

Our proprietary payment processing software for accountants provider, MIND Payroll can be easily synced with time and attendance solutions and any other human resource or employee management software like MIND Workplace. With such integration, it will be possible for you to manage more than payroll from one place. You will be able to manage benefits, employee absences, 401(k) contributions, insurance premiums, and much more.

MIND Payroll Helps You Adhere to Compliances

With MIND Payroll, you can adhere to the federal, state and local compliances easily. The payroll processing software for accountants provider ensure that each of your paperwork is up-to-date, and timely submitted to relevant authorities. This way, you will never have to come under fire for non-compliance. The software also provides easy access to mandatory forms and notifies you about changes to any compliance or regulations. Mind Payroll ensures data security

Mind Payroll ensures that your employees' personal information stays secure and can be accessed by only those you want to have access to that data. Our security procedure allows us to ensure that only the persons authorized can view such sensitive information and no one from outside of your organization has access to it.

Mind Recruitment Features

HR recruitment software comes with numerous features that make it more capable of handling the talent hunt process. Some advanced features of Mind Recruitment are already listed below

Paperless onboarding

The integration of onboarding employee software into the HR system creates a convenient platform for the HR manager. In addition, the software enables the users to create, customize, and upload various onboarding documents of the selected candidates, eliminating the need for any hard copies, making the entire onboarding process paperless.

Easy to use interface

Since the software aims to offer both candidate experience and employee engagement, it ensures crafting an easy-to-use interface. As a result, both operations and HR employees find it easier to use the platform whenever required.

Applicant tracking

Numerous job seekers are available for any specific job role. The recruitment software finds the right candidate from the pool by discovering their talents and comparing them with the job requirements.


Job posting

The Mind recruitment software's flexibility helps the HR team post job advertisements across social media, job portals, and other career portals. In addition, it helps the brand to reach out to suitable candidates smoothly and promptly.

Scheduling interviews

The recruiting automation software uses artificial intelligence to schedule interviews for candidates by syncing in the HR team's calendars. Then, the software automatically sends notifications to the interviewers and the selected candidates by choosing a proper date for the interview.

Candidate engagement platform

The system allows candidates to share their feedback, solve queries, and get a solution to any problem instead of connecting with the HR managers directly.

Industries We Serve

HR Recruitment Software Serves Many Industries



Many corporate entities are choosing AI-enabled recruitment software to reduce the work pressure of the HR managers. In addition, it helps to improve employee retention and employee experience within the organization.



Retail companies and manufacturing businesses invest in Mind recruitment software to add flexibility to the recruitment and onboarding process. HR managers thus focus on face-to-face interviews and choosing the right one from the pool of candidates.


Travel & Tourism

Mind recruitment software has triggered many small and medium-scale travel agencies to improve their HR recruitment management system. It helps managers to find talented individuals and build an effective team.



For healthcare brands, finding appropriate healthcare officials is very challenging. The software quickly screens suitable candidates and helps build an effective workforce for the healthcare sector.



Conducting a recruitment process manually is very time-consuming. That's why utility businesses think of the Mind recruitment software to automate repetitive tasks and improve work efficiency.



Our BFSI clients now prefer Mind recruitment software not just to ease out the overall recruitment process but even to have a better employee experience. For them, such investments are always worthwhile.