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Mind Workplace: A Workforce Management Software to Manage Daily Operational Challenges

Mind Workplace is a fluid workforce management software solution to streamline and simplify all aspects of employee management. From providing you with accurate insights to focus on your employees throughout their life cycle to automating routine operational tasks to improve efficiency and achieve business success – the workforce management software does it all. Some of the key modules of the employee management software are:

Mind Recruitment

When managing a global workforce, you must focus on delivering quality or building culture. Our workforce management software provides you with a powerful, flexible human resource management software package that structure and streamlines many aspects of HRs, from recruitment and onboarding to training, leaves, absence, and holiday management to performance. Mind Workplace is easy to configure and can be customized as per your business needs. It offers you benefits like proven practice workflows and announcements, accurate reporting, and better compliance methodologies.

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Mind Payroll

Mind Workplace acts as a well-planned, efficient payroll administration system by managing the calculation of salaries, wages bonuses, net pay, tax deductions, and disbursements of salaries to employees. Its payroll processing software for accountant helps you handle anything from a simple payroll administration to complex global models involving payroll for thousands of employees. The payroll processing software for accountant helps you update employee information automatically based on individual and group configuration of leave and pay components.

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Mind LMS

With Mind Workplace, you can manage batch scheduling, team collaboration, instructor engagement, assessments, and reporting in both instructor-based and virtual training. This tool from OMIND, a leading workforce management software provider, empowers your training department to manage, plan, implement, and track training batches effectively through meaningful analytics. It also provides your agents the opportunity of self-learning by giving them access to the knowledge base. This way, agents can learn from anywhere, at any time, and improve their knowledge at their own pace.

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Mind Helpdesk

Mind Workplace can be integrated with a Helpdesk that serves as a single point of contact for inter-department assistance requests. The helpdesk feature ensures that your organization can handle every issue properly, effectively, and efficiently. The helpdesk feature strengthens the workforce management software and makes it more efficient in addressing key employee issues.

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Industries We Serve

  • Retail

    Many retail companies looking for a workforce management software provider have found MIND Workplace perfect for employee management and automating routine tasks.

  • Travel, Hospitality, and Transport

    Mind Workplace can also be an excellent employee management tool for travel, hospitality, and transport companies. These Artificial intelligence-based solutions can work as a payroll processing software for accountant and recruitment tool for the HR department.

  • Startups

    Mind Workplace has helped numerous startup clients streamline their employee management system and promptly automate routine operational tasks without hiring more people. It's one of the cost-effective workforce management software for startups.

  • Healthcare

    Mind Workplace is an automation solution from a well-known workforce management software provider. Our end-to-end employee management solutions can be a great tool for all healthcare companies.

  • Utility

    Mind Workplace is one of the best workforce management software for utility businesses looking to manage their employee information throughout the employee lifecycle.

  • BFSI

    Our BFSI clients have streamlined their workforce management with our Mind Workforce tool, which provided better efficiency and employee management.