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In this digital era, a significant number of companies began their digital transformation journey adopting robotic process automation solutions to boost agility, resilience, and diversity, address the mounting cost pressures, and adequately support their remote workforces. As per recent studies, in 2021, almost 50% of businesses are planning to adopt Robotic Process automation solutions. Also, by 2023, RPA will reach a near-universal adoption. So, adopting automation is no longer a nice-to-have feature. Automation solutions like marketing automation solutions and RPA are the essential tools to make your business more agile, cost-effective, and up-to-date. With the right RPA solutions provider, businesses can enjoy automation success, streamline their processes and optimize their performance.

With its Mind RPA solutions, Omind Technologies help you achieve your digital transformation goals. Our MIND RPA tool helps you make your workforce more efficient and execute tasks faster. The customizable RPA solutions can communicate with business systems and facilitate an efficient integration of workflows across the enterprise. Our intelligent Robotic Process Automation solutions are implemented across varied functions via platform alliances like automation Anywhere, OPEN RPA, UiPath, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

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Improve Agility and Productivity with MIND RPA

Mind RPA tool is the new-age accelerator for digital transformation across businesses. One of the best RPA solutions, the tool combining with AI offers scalable automation. Some of the critical areas where our robotic process automation solutions can help your business are as follows:

Mind RPA Improves Business Resilience with Marketing Automation Solutions:

MIND RPA solutions contribute to creating resilient businesses capable of providing superior customer and user experience across enterprises. One of the avant-garde Robotic Process automation solutions Provider, Mind RPA, can -

  • Create a conventional workflow by seamlessly blending unstructured and structured processes.
  • Facilitate augmented digital operations by empowering users to control business logic.
  • Its Artificial Intelligence tools enable data extraction from multiple sources and proper organization of data.
  • Maximize revenue by simplifying deployments and increasing production with different marketing automation solutions.

MIND RPA boosts productivity with workflow automation:

MIND RPA is one of the leading web-based Robotic Process automation solutions Provider that deliver almost flawless digital agility to organizations via serially or parallel execution of sequence integration and transformation tasks. MIND RPA streamlines the data-driven task sequences at each stage, making the whole operation faster and more efficient.

Boosts Business Agility Using Decision-Centric Automation:

MIND RPA programs robots to make data-driven decisions and adhere to business rules without introducing any technical debt (a code that needs refactoring in the future) to companies. Our Decision-Centric automation adds decision-making capability into bot scripts and empowers businesses to automate business decisions as a part of its task automation.

Extraction Automation for Extracting And Organizing Data:

MIND RPA products can extract data from different web pages through automated logins and filters using the interface browsers. It then transforms the data into a pre-defined format and integrates it into an application or other web services.

Automating Integrations Using Intelligent Automation:

Mind RPA products combine traditional Robotic Process Automation solutions with Machine Learning to further expand the benefits of automation. The intelligent automation product helps Mind RPA streamline regular and highly complex processes and workflows, which require intuition, persuasion, and problem-solving.

Mind RPA Features

Mind RPA tool allows your business to boost productivity, add agility, and automate integration using intelligent automation. Some essential features of our Mind RPA products are:

  • Ease of use – The RPA products easy to set up, use, and share
  • Customizable as per your unique business needs
  • Better output - robots are way faster than humans and work 24/7
  • Better compliance adherence – robots can deliver 100% accuracy in terms of compliance adherence
  • Improved cost efficiency – A small number of robots can perform the tasks of a large team of humans
  • Better employee engagement – It allows employees to attend more critical business tasks
  • Enhanced customer experience – Mind RPA improves customers experience by considerably reducing the handling time (AHT)
  • The ability to deliver Intelligent AI- when integrated with other Automation solutions, AI, and Machine learning tools- can automate a complex business solution Provider like marketing automation solutions and virtual assistant solutions Provider.
  • Business continuity in case disruptions
  • Scalability –The tool can accommodate organizational growth in a short time.

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Industries We Serve


    MIND RPA has helped numerous clients from IT/ITES industries streamline their workforce and other related operations and boost their efficiency and productivity.

  • Retail

    Many retail companies looking for automation solutions have found MIND RPA ideal for boosting their productivity and efficiency. It can also be customized as marketing automation solution Provider.

  • Manufacturing

    Mind RPA can help manufacturing companies resolve routine and complex business problems by combining traditional RPA processes with Machine Learning. For example, it can improve agents' efficiency when combined with knowledge base management software or provide a better virtual assistant solution.

  • Healthcare

    Our RPA products can help healthcare companies streamline their processes through intelligent automation and reduce AHT by combining with the knowledge base management software.

  • Utility

    MIND RPA tool is an easy-to-use Robotic Process Automation Solutions Provider for utility businesses looking for agility and efficiency.

  • BFSI

    With our Mind RPA tool, our BFSI clients can streamline their customer service, human resource, and other operations. It can also help a virtual assistant solution to resolve complex customer issues for your prime customers.

Case Study

See how our proprietary Mind RPA tool has saved 11.5 K manhour annually for an Auto Transport Broker client.

To know more about how our Mind RPA Solution can improve your business performance and boost employee efficiency, contact us today.