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How Mind Workplace Focus on Human Resource Productivity as Its Center of Technology

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AI-powered automation plays a significant role in empowering humans through the manual challenges of recruitment employee management. Statistically speaking, according to IQ Partners INC, the integration of AI in the HR functions offers multiple benefits, like

  • Saving time by 67% 
  • Saving money by 30%
  • Ability to deliver best candidate match by 31% 
  • Human bias removal by 43% 

These stats speak about how AI-powered human resource and workforce management software has enhanced productivity and business output by multiple folds. Our Mind Workplace is one such HR and WFM software designed to offer end-to-end employee management with the help of multiple modules. 

Let’s take you through the different modules that can boost the efficiency and productivity of your HR department and employees. 

Mind Recruitment

The Mind Recruitment module of the Mind Workplace WFM software is designed to streamline the onboarding process of small and medium-sized enterprises with its end-to-end features. This HR onboarding tool eases the lengthy recruitment process from requisition and candidate management to applicant tracking and documentation. It helps the HRs find the most suitable employees for the open positions.

  1. Mind People

    HR managers can streamline their workload, roles, and responsibilities through a centralized, automated portal with the Mind People module. The module is built with features for the HRs to create and maintain a database for all the company’s policies, implement a helpdesk for employee welfare, monitor employee progression, and ease employee separation. It is structured in the user-friendly UI of Mind Workplace, which makes it easy for the employees to access and process. 

  2. Mind Efficiency

    The Mind Efficiency module of the MWP workforce management software helps project managers and HRs monitor and manage employee time logs and attendance. The multiple features under this module help to monitor and increase the employees’ efficiency and assist in productivity analysis and evaluation.

    Further, project heads can issue warnings and performance improvement plans or send appraisal and confirmation notices through the portal. The module is an all-in-one platform to track employee performance on projects, punctuality, and absenteeism. 

  3. Mind LMS

    Mind Workplace’s learning management system helps shape your employees to be in line with your project goals. This high-end workforce and HR software have the options to offer product training, courses, and other materials to help employees develop special skillsets. In addition, the software aids in creating analytic reports on regular assessments to determine the scope of performance enhancements and strengths. 

  4. Mind Payroll

    The Mind Payroll module is targeted at easing pressure off the payroll team while eliminating the chances of human errors. The module automates salary calculation with the time and attendance data and generates payslips for all employees monthly. The feature also enables automated tax calculation to ease off the manual efforts of your payroll team. 

  5. Mind Community

    When it comes to improving employee experience, creating a high engagement platform can be your best bet. Make your employees feel a valued part of your organization by conducting surveys and polls, designing employee referrals, and making photo galleries with the Mind Community module. In addition, it has options to collect testimonials and focus on employee complaints and feedback. 

    The UI of the MWP makes the module very easy for the employees and managers to use. 

Get Mind Workplace for Your Organization

With the Mind Workplace WFM, you can integrate automation within your organization for seamless employee management and HR functions. The software solution provides complete employee management with AI and automation and includes recruitment and onboarding, time and attendance, payroll, and performance. 

Get to know more about how Mind Workplace can elevate your HR and workforce functions; take a free trial today!

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