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Applicant Tracking Software is a Must-have for Your Organization: Know Why

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Integrating applicant tracking software into your business operation has a positive impact on your organization’s recruitment process. This notion is supported by 94% of recruiters who say that an ATS has positively impacted their hiring, while only 4% contradict.

An application tracking software is crucial for organizations of every type, be it a large establishment or a startup, as it can reduce the burden of manual hiring by automating the entire process. Moreover, it also helps to improve the quality of the recruits by setting standards for the hiring based on the requisition.

With application tracking software, you can streamline the entire recruitment timeline, from job posting to screening of the applicants’ resumes and setting up interviews. That, along with resume tracking, helps your organization be in command over all your present and future requisition.

If you aren’t convinced yet, we’ll give you five reasons why you should get an application tracking system for your organization.

  • Automates Your Recruitment Process

    Upgrading to an ATS will enable you to manage the recruitment process with the help of a feature-rich and robust interface. The primary objective of applicant tracking is to automate transactional and repetitive tasks. This automation not only improves the quality of the hiring, but it also minimizes the human effort involved in creating a smooth workflow.

  • Develops a Quality Workforce

    The core objective of a good ATS is to create a productive workforce, which then falls under the bounds of workforce management solution. An applicating tracking system allows the HR recruiters to cast a wider net and reach out to more potential candidates. As a result, you have a better chance at onboarding the most suitable candidates for the open positions.

    Besides just that, you can improve the productivity of the HR team by freeing up your manpower from the repetitive manual tasks to focus on other strategic business activities.

  • Brings Real-time Data

    An applicant tracking software eliminates the old-school data storage and processing methods on papers and Excel sheets. Instead, it has a centralized platform to store all the information around the recruiting process, including the requisition type and details, resumes, application status, etc. Moreover, the system also has the provision for storing the resumes and applicant details from the past. So, each time a new recruitment requirement comes up, the system detects if there are any applicants from the past who would fit the job perfectly.

    An ATS can make all data and information available on all platforms accessible from any part of the world without compromising on the security aspect.

  • Strengthens Your Brand Image as an Employer

    With the help of an application tracker tool, the HR recruiters get the chance to manage the recruitment through a dedicated career page. There are features that let you create personalized email templates and forms with the brand’s logo. It connects with your brand’s social media pages seamlessly and allows content posting on them for employee engagement and job alerts.

  • Makes the Process Cost-effective

    The entire purpose of integrating an ATS is to reduce human efforts with automation. You can scale your recruitment team down with such a less labor-centric process. Apart from this, the system shortens the entire recruitment process, which helps you onboard potential applicants in a small timeframe. This boost in efficiency with the process, prevention of drop-outs, etc., significantly brings down the cost-per-hire.

Your Recruitment Made Simple with ATS

An applicant tracking software goes a long way into boosting your business productivity. The benefits it brings to the table for organizations are immeasurable. However, the first priority for you would be to ensure that the software you choose suits your business needs perfectly.

The ATS module within the MWP platform from Omind Technologies is developed with a seamless and easy-to-use UI. The Mind Workplace solution can help you streamline your application tracking process while letting you focus on employee workforce management too.

If you have already had board discussions and made up your mind about integrating an application tracking system, feel free to get in touch with us. We will take you through the process of simplifying your HR recruitment process with our MWP solution.

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