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How Can Robotic Process Automation Benefit The Travel Industry?

How can robotic process automation benefit the travel industry

The travel industry is one of the worst-affected industries during the pandemic. However, with millions getting vaccinated, the travel industry is slowly gaining firm footing. The recovery process is slow and comes with many challenges such as cost-cutting, changing customer behaviour, and the rising demand of today’s tech-savvy travellers. Many travel companies opt for digital transformation solutions such as robotic process automation (RPA) solutions to deal with these challenges in such a situation.

RPA can be integrated into various industries, including travel. RPA plays a crucial role in increasing efficiency while saving time and money. Travel companies often deal with large volume transactions, repetitive in nature which puts pressure on the staff. RPA can help them streamline the process and deliver a better customer experience.

Nowadays, travel customers want customized features such as – amenities, local bookings, intra-city transport, etc. To meet these requirements, various travel brands are turning to automation. When these brands integrate their systems with an RPA software like Mind RPA, they can provide solutions to specific customer needs and at the same time make their business scalable. With Robotic Process Automation software, it is possible to cater to the growing demands while reducing costs without disrupting the existing system.

RPA has helped the travel industry in many ways:

Enhanced Scalability

RPA has abilities to scale up to huge demands without having to hire additional resources. In addition, the advanced features have the potential to boost productivity, minimize operational costs, and cater to the customer can all be accomplished with RPA’s advanced features.

Streamline Processing

Designed to improve the security, quality, as well as timeliness of the process used in the travel and hospitality sectors, RPA can assist travel businesses in processing complex information, predicting and suggesting new destinations to each customer based on their travel patterns, and significantly bringing down the cost of transaction processing. RPA can also align data to loyal customers’ preferences and booking history and help reduce manual work and cost.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

In the wake of the pandemic, travel agencies have to maintain high levels of security to comply with increasing border security and strict airline regulations both domestically and internationally. Besides having valid passports and an up-to-date visa, travel customers today must have vaccination certificates or COVID-test results. Robotic Process Automation software robots can help process a customer’s booking and personal information, keep the data in a central log for regularly monitoring, accessing, and updating to reflect travel regulations changes. RPA solutions automate every repetitive compliance task and reduce the risk of non-compliance by eliminating errors and complying with the designated workflows.

Significant Cost Reductions

RPA implementation costs are typically insignificant compared to the high expenses that often accompany the implementation of other enterprise software. Also, a single robotic process automation solutions license can help automate several different processes such as -customer communication or order processing. This way, RPA solutions lead to considerable savings in a short time, offer a quick return on investment, and allows travel companies to provide their customers with the lowest price.

Flexible Automation

With RPA software, travel and hospitality companies can automate repetitive, rules-based business responsibilities, like- data entry, web crawling, as well as payment processing. It can also be used for complex automation, leaving your employees responsible for tasks that require creativity and judgment. in fact, automating the entire travel booking process with robotic process automation is not something unheard of.

Focusing On Customer’s Needs

In the age of smart devices, many apps are automated to serve their users. With digital transformation, it is possible to reach out to a larger audience geographically and provide them with online assistance. Robotic process automation software providers can create custom bots to help travel companies substitute human interaction in online platforms, leaving their employees to focus on fulfilling customer needs.

For example – RPA software bots can suggest suitable destination to the customers based on their travel preferences, recommend the right fare for them using their previous travel records, help them find the best deals available within their budget, and also manage the entire booking process without any human intervention. During the pandemic, the bots can also perform covid compliance checks necessary for international travel. these bots can assist travelers in the luggage finding process as well. Over all, it helps you deliver a better customer experience.

With the help of RPA software like Mind RPA, Travel brands can securely save user information and comply with industry regulations. In addition, due to its centralized and secure nature, such information can be monitored and updated in one place, saving time, providing travel brands with more control over their customer, and eliminating scope for error.

How can Omind Technologies help?

With a robotic process automation software provider like OMIND Technologies, travel and hospitality businesses can take advantage of all these benefits. From resolving simple to complex automation to saving time in routine rule-based tasks, our MIND RPA software can do it all. Our custom RPA bots can help you automate complex business tasks like customer communication online and take care of order processing and compliance adherence.

In the post pandemic world, where the travel and hospitality industry is struggling to recover from the losses occurred during the pandemic, investing in a robotic process automation solution is a wise choice as it helps you significantly reduce operation cost, speed up the booking process, keep an eye on competitor function, provide your customers with better travel deals and help deliver a better customer experience, helping you earn customer loyalty, which is practically a treasure trove in this age of cut-throat competition.

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