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Features of Employee Management Software that You Should Not Miss

Employee Management Software

According to a report from Gallup, 51% of employees in a workplace are disengaged, while around 13% are actively disengaged, who feel miserable at work and spread negativity. This affects the profitability and overall performance of the organization in a negative way.

Gallup made another report on the positive impact of employee engagement on the organization, which says that a highly engaged workforce can bring 21% more profitability. Quite evidently, an engaged workforce implies a motivated bunch of employees who bring higher productivity to the organization than disengaged staff.

This begs the question – how impactful an employee management software for an organization is, or do a WFM system’s features have to enhance team engagement? So, let’s move ahead and look at most features of such software that you ought to make use of.

  • Time and Attendance Tracking

Keeping track of employees’ schedule and attendance can be a grinding task if done manually. One mistake can lead to a faulty payroll calculation, costing the organization a huge revenue. Employee management software’s time and attendance tracking feature ensure accurate payroll calculation. Time tracking is made simple and seamless with employee timesheets, and the data is then transferred directly to the payroll system.

Some workforce management software also allows employees to check their schedules and vacation time-offs and will enable them to apply for leaves through one unified portal. Consequently, if the employees are paid exactly for their hours, they can be more motivated and productive. It will also reduce the steps the HR manager has to deal with for time and attendance issues.

These software tools can track and monitor remote employees and alert business owners if they don’t fulfill their work hours.

  • Employment Application Tracking

Employee tracking, social recruitment, and onboarding are all the main functions of HR software. In addition, some strategic functions of human resources are hiring, employee training, and retaining top employees. Now, the most comprehensive employee management software has recruitment modules built into them.

A crucial part of staff training is teaching them some good service practices.

  1. Employees should be dedicated to their services or products, and it can be done by gaining detailed information about them.
  2. Besides this, employees should focus on one customer simultaneously and engage them from the beginning till the sale is complete.
  • Absence And Leave Tracking

Organizations that use employee management software’s absence and leave tracking feature can gain many benefits. This includes easy access to leave information to help employees plan their days off. In addition, the employee performance management tool allows everyone to access all the information they need on leave and absence policies to request time off accordingly.

The leave management feature ensures compliance with protocols. For example, the software can calculate the total leaves used and the remaining leaves for each employee.

  • Employee Record

Organizations depend on accurate records for efficient management of the employees. So, it is crucial to ensure that all the information given is accurate. Employee records are similar to a digital filing cabinet. It stores staff data, including names, addresses, contact information, hire date, job position, and salary.

Further, organizations can also store certain information, like certification, skills, and favorite hobbies. Always look for employee management software that includes specific security measures and multi-layer authentication to securely store the employees’ information.

  • Employees Self-Service Portal

The ESS (Employee Self-Service) portal is available in modern employee management software. This feature lets employees take care of many human-resource-related issues that may have been resolved by HR staff.

Several self-service portals let employees update personal information, like contact details, address, and banking information. The employees can also interact with the human resources department outside of the normal work hours insecure way. This saves time and generates a written record of the communication.

An ESS portal can bring an increase in efficiency and productivity. For example, the HR department won’t worry about leave requests and scheduling concerns. Also, it will minimize the risk of data entry errors.

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With a comprehensive approach to employee management, organizations can streamline the workforce’s productivity. Moreover, since it gets the job of HR done in automation, the department can focus on other important aspects of the operations, like recruitment.

The Mind Workplace software can be a great addition to your organization’s arsenal. It comprises multiple modules, including employee onboarding software, learning, and development, efficiency, payroll, etc.

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