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Let’s Look at the Top Employee Onboarding Trends for 2022

Employee Onboarding Software

Employee onboarding has been a significant concern for organizations of every scale – startup, medium-sized enterprise, and large MNCs, especially with remote working becoming a trend. However, according to a report from Gallup, only 12% of employees opine that their organization has a good onboarding process. This indicates that 88% of organizations don’t pay much attention to their onboarding process or fail to streamline it as much as needed.

As per a research brief from Brandon Hall Group titled ‘The True Cost of a Bad Hire’, a great onboarding can improve the employee retention rate by 82%. However, the research brief also points out that bad hires are negative candidate experience, poor interviewing process, and a weak brand image.

So, for organizations to excel at recruitment, the need for an employee onboarding software is imperative. Moreover, it is crucial for organizations to know about and follow the onboarding trends for 2022.

With the same thought, let’s discuss the ongoing employee onboarding trends for 2022.

  1. Continual Evolution of Remote and Hybrid Onboarding

    Traditional onboarding works on four C’s – clarification, compliance, connection, and culture. While remote hiring does not affect clarification and compliance, two aspects take a hit. This makes it crucial for organizations to adapt to the new onboarding pattern.

  2. Better Human Connections Online

    There is no substitute for connection and communication. However, many remote employees complain about the lack of personal connections. Due to this, it gets easier for such employees to quit their jobs since they have met or interacted with colleagues personally.

    On the other hand, better human connections will continue to be growing for 2022 as remote work implementation becomes more streamlined.

  3. High Focus on Reboarding

    Reboarding or re-onboarding has become more critical than ever after the pandemic phase. Reboarding means re-familiarizing the employees with the work culture and team once they rejoin after the pandemic scare is off.

    Many employees are slipping away from their present organizations due to the poor reboarding that the organization imparts.

  4. Longer Onboarding

    Typically, onboarding can take anywhere between one and three months. So, organizations focus on shortening their onboarding timeline to get the best talent aboard as quickly as possible.

    However, as per the current trend, planning for the long term is healthy and pays off well. For most open positions in any corporate office, selected candidates need proper guidance, which may extend the timeframe by a couple of weeks. Dedication of extra time to the onboarding process positively impacts the recruits and can attract higher retention.

  5. Automation in Onboarding

    Joining a medium-sized or large-scale enterprise involves bulk paperwork and documentation. Signing documents every day during the onboarding process accounts for a negative impression on the candidates. On the other hand, integrating automation with employee onboarding software enhances employee experience as it can accommodate the entire documentation process on the first day itself.

    Automating the process will also ease the pressure off the HRs so that they can engage with recruits in a more meaningful way.

  6. Employee Onboarding Software

    The adoption of automation with employee onboarding tools is rapid. In fact, according to Talent Board, 83% of organizations reported that they have onboarding software in place. This gives the organizations a scope to execute a more strategic and efficient recruitment process.

Streamline Your Employee Onboarding

While high-quality employee management is imperative for excellent business output, employee onboarding software can be your first significant step towards boosting your retention rate, staff job satisfaction, organizational reputation, and output. However, not every onboarding tool provides end-to-end solutions, so you might need to take multiple trials before shortlisting one.

With the Mind Workplace workforce management software, you can get an all-in-one solution, from requisition and applicant tracking to induction. Take a free demo; get in touch today!

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