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Digital Transformation To Drive The Marketplace & Offer Superior CX

Recently, Accenture conducted a survey that included 25,000+ consumers from 22 countries. According to the findings of this survey, over 70 percent of consumers expect companies to understand and address their needs during the current pandemic. Moreover, consumers also feel that customer service, convenience, health & safety, and brand trust are more important than price and quality (60-40).

As a result, businesses are beginning to remodel the focus of their practices from purely customer retention to customer experiences (CX) enrichment.

Today, most companies ask the same questions.

  • Are their services offering satisfactory CX?
  • What changes are necessary to enrich CX? How will these changes impact revenues?
  • What ROI can be expected from CX-enriching practices?

Companies are slowly diverting their attention from what they want to say or offer and paying more attention to what the customers wish to hear or get. There is an increased desire to have more human engagements with the customers to offer enriching customer experiences. And digital technologies have and will continue to play an important role in this transformation.

How Can Digital Transformation Enrich Customer Experiences?

Through gradual digital transformation, businesses will be able to automate much of their business functions – internal and external. Businesses have begun to incorporate digital solutions for workplace management using tools like Mind Workplace from OMind Technologies. Such workplace management tools allow companies to automate their employee management functions, leaving them with more time and resources to improve customer support functions.

Customer services can also be massively improved through quality assurance monitoring tools like OMind’s Mind QA. Companies can manage the quality of customer services being offered through efficient quality monitoring and ensure human engagements for superior customer experiences.

“OMind’s Mind QA technology is aimed at improving Customer Experiences and Conversions through Call Center Quality Assurance monitoring and management. On the other hand, the Mind Workplace aims to automate and simplify workforce management functions such as attendance & leave management, performance & task monitoring, etc. Together, they will help to empower businesses to increase efficiency and be more effective in offering superior CX.” – Suresh Sampath, Quality Head, OMind.

Workplace management tools and quality assurance monitoring solutions have become necessary in the current customer support landscape. Over time, they will help to improve the efficiency of contact centers and empower them to offer top-notch customer services.

However, whether it is marketing, lead generation, or sales, companies often undervalue the importance of customer support in each of these aspects. Superior CX and satisfactory customer services lead to better retention numbers and increased recurring sales. In addition, they also build customer loyalty and referrals that bring in new customers. Referrals, or word-of-mouth promotions, cost nothing but bring great value (meaning incredible ROIs).

Therefore, digitally transforming customer support functions would not only help Companies to enrich customer engagements but eventually will help businesses eliminate mediocrity from their customer services and improve customer experiences by focusing on the customers’ emotional needs.

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